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Radio Maisha Presenters Salary: How Much Do Radio Maisha Presenters Earn?


Billy Miya and Ali Hassan are no longer a presenter at Radio Maisha.

The duo alongside other former Radio Maisha presenters, Mwashumbe and Mwalimu Mbaruk, officially announced their departure from the station on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2023.

According to insiders at the media house, the presenters are set to embark on a new journey at Radio 47, an upcoming radio station affiliated with TV47. Learn more about Radio 47 here.

Here is a quick rundown of the current radio hosts at Radio Maisha: List of Current Radio Maisha Presenters

Radio Maisha is a popular radio station commanding a significant percentage of listeners throughout the country.

The radio station operates under the management of the Standard Group, which also runs KTN.

The Mombasa Road-based radio station boasts popular presenters like the award-winning Ann Njogu of the famously listened-to Staarabika Show.

Another popular name and face at the radio station are Mwende Macharia, who hosts Konnect alongside Clemmo. 

Mate Tongola is another popular presenter at the station, the voice behind Reggae Splash show.

Bill Miya is another name to reckon with as he hosts the Breakfast Show alongside Mbaruk Mwalimu, the duo that replaced Alex Mwakideu when he exited the station to join Milele FM.

The sports presenters Stephen Mukangai and Ali Hassan have also made a name for themselves in the station from their outstanding sports coverage. 

Given their commanding voices and influence on the airwaves, everyone expects these presenters to make decent money.

Suppose you are aware of the poaching that happens in the radio industry.

In that case, you may understand that the Standard Group must be paying the likes of Mwende Macharia and Ann Njogu good money to avoid losing them to competitor stations like Milele and Citizen.

So how much are we talking about? Is there an exact number to it? 

Who is the Highest Paid Radio Maisha Presenter?

Determining which presenter earns the highest salary at Radio Maisha is not easy because all the presenters are good at what they do.

All their shows command an impressive audience, implying they deserve decent pay.

Radio Maisha ranked 3rd in the recent Media Council’s State of the Media Report, proof that it commands a Kenyan Audience.

Presenter earnings at Radio Maisha have never been in the public domain like that of Radio Jambo or Classic 105 presenters, where Gidi, Maina Kageni, and Mbusii are projected to earn above Ksh. 500,000. 

Therefore, it is unclear who could be making more at Radio Maisha.

However, the average salary of a radio presenter in Kenya is  Ksh.100,000.

The best-paid presenters at Radio Maisha could make up to Ksh. 300,000 or more.

However, it is worth noting that besides radio salary, presenters like Mate Tongola have side hustles that earn them extra income.

Mate runs a courier services company called Maleek’s Courier that helps customers ship items to and from different countries worldwide.

That is a lucrative venture that brings him a decent income on top of his salary as a presenter.

Mwende Macharia, on the other hand, doubles as an emcee and social media influencer and possibly runs a business in the background.

Stephen Mukangai and his counterpart Ali Hassan who, besides hosting sports segments, also comentate live football games, partner with betting brands and sports streaming services like DSTV to influence their services in their social media platforms.

Most media personalities have mastered the art of running side hustles because their jobs run on contracts, and there is the possibility of being sacked at any moment. 

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