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What is Cardi B’s IQ? Not as Low as Some Would Have You Believe

Cardi B, considered the “Queen of Rap” by many, has captivated audiences worldwide with her fiery rhymes and larger-than-life persona. From her humble beginnings in...

Top 15 Most Popular Yellow Hair Cartoon Characters of All Time

Characters with yellow hair are renowned for their unique qualities and captivating storylines in both movies and cartoons. Their vibrant appearance is frequently associated...



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Warning Message to a Side Chick: Examples, Timing, Effectiveness, Legal Implications & Alternatives

The worst emotional pain comes from having a partner cheat on you. It fills you with rage, bitterness, and confusion, especially when you find...


Malcom X’s Role in the Formation of the de Mau Mau

Anyone who knows the history of the Black American movement must know the role De Mau Mau played in the civil rights movement. But...

Famous Black Firefighters throughout History

It is black history month, a good time to reflect on the racial discrimination black people have endured and to honor some of those...

Black Quarters Coins: 8 Unique Quarter Coins Featuring African Americans

The term “Quarter” refers to a quarter of $1 which is normally worth 25 cents in the United States. The quarter coins were first...

The Most Prominent Black Slave Owners in South and North Carolina

Despite not being talked about a lot, black slave owners were quite common in the South. In fact, a huge percentage of the black slave...

16 Most Notorious Black Female Serial Killers in History

Serial killers are terrifying individuals who are known for wreaking havoc as anyone can become their victim. The worst part is the fact that some...

Family 101

Wess Morgan is a renowned gospel musician celebrated for his commanding vocals, soul-stirring melodies, and inspirational church sermons. Many people have been intrigued by his...


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