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Billy Miya’s Salary: Here’s How Much Mr. Player is Paid


Billy Miya is no longer a presenter at Radio Maisha.

Billy, Mwalimu Mbaruk, and Emmanuel Mwashumbe, all of whom are hosts at Radio Maisha, officially announced their departure from the station on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2023.

According to insiders at the media house, the trio is set to embark on a new journey at Radio 47, an upcoming radio station affiliated with TV47.

Learn more about Radio 47 here.

Billy Miya is an award-winning presenter currently hosting Radio Maisha’s breakfast show alongside comedian MCA Tricky, which airs every weekday from 6-10 A.M.

He is married to Mrs. Khadija Miya, and the couple has three children, two sons and a daughter.

The Player

He is popularly known as ‘Mr. Handsome’ or ‘Player’ by his listeners.

He cleverly formulated the ‘player’ personality after a certain lady frequently called the show he was hosting when working at Pwani Radio.

His listeners assumed he was romantically involved with the caller and surprisingly caught the attention of other females who would also call to express their opinions.

Due to his increasing popularity during his tenure in the coastal-based radio station, he won the coveted Nzumari award as ‘An Astounding Male Radio Host.’

His Radio Career and Current Salary

Billy started his radio career at Pwani FM, but as an intern.

It’s at this station that he began his successful journey to become one of the most influential media personalities in the country.

His hard work as an intern impressed the station’s management, and he was employed to host an evening show called, Tafrija la Pwani.

His impeccable presenting skills, authoritative voice, and witty personality enabled him to build a solid fan base in the coastal region where the station is based.

It’s also from this show that the nickname, Mr. Player, originated.

He has maintained the name; however, the presenter confessed that he is a faithful husband to his wife, and the name is just a way to connect with his audience.

After he departed from Pwani FM, he joined Baraka FM, where he hosted two shows, Mega breakfast and Mziki Mzuka programs.

His rising popularity in Swahili shows made him a radio superstar, and some of the country’s radio stations wanted his piece of the action in their firms.

He later joined Milele FM, but after serving a short period, Radio Maisha offered him a lucrative deal to entice him to work for them.

The deal was too sweet to refuse since he immediately jumped ship.

He currently hosts the station’s morning show with MCA Tricky.

Although he has never made his wages public, reliable sources in the media fraternity claim that he receives an estimated monthly payment of Ksh.550, 000.

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of his net pay per the latest KRA calculations.

Gross Pay 550,000
Non-Cash Benefits0.00 
Taxable Income 547,220
PAYE 157,383.35
Net Pay 389,836.65

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