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Musyi Fm Presenters Salary: How Much are Musyi FM Presenters Paid?

Musyi FM is one of the vernacular radio stations under Royal Media Services.

It was launched in July 2005 and is the most popular vernacular radio station in the Ukambani region due to its captivating shows and presenters.

Royal media services have commanded a significant fan base in Kenya through its widespread radio stations and riveting radio shows.

For such an influential media house, one can expect its employees to be compensated handsomely. 

In this case, it is common to want to know how much the vernacular radio presenters make monthly.

Is the salary similar to citizen radio presenters, or does it vary because of language limitations?

Do pioneer Musyi presenters like Christine Ndanu and Susan Ndunda earn more than presenters who came along after the radio had been established?

An aspiring radio presenter would also want to know the average monthly salary of an entry-level radio personality at the station. 

Musyi FM Presenters

Let’s familiarize ourselves with the radio station’s presenters before we know how much they are paid.

Some presenters have worked at the station since its launch in 2005, while others left midway, paving the way for others.

Christine Ndanu is one of the pioneers and doubles as the station head.

Other founding presenters include Titus Muli, the lead news anchor at the station and head of the news department, and Michael Kyallo, who hosts the late-night show Kiwe Kyotuku. 

Dennis Mutuku, aka DJ NomaNoma, hosts Kiingane afternoon show, while Irene Wavinya headlines the Semba Semba evening show.

Boniface Muasya is the station’s main sports anchor, whereas Samuel Mutuku hosts Sunday’s gospel show.

Onesmus Mwengei is the breakfast show dubbed Waamukataa and the deputy head of the station.

He also hosts Ngui Situ, a weekend show focusing on secular artists.

 Lastly, Susan Nduda is a seasoned news presenter at Musyi FM.

Musyi FM Presenters Salary

Following the recap of Musyi FM presenters and their roles at the station, how much do they take home for making Musyi FM the most listened-to radio station in the lower eastern?

One of the determinants of a radio presenter’s salary is experience. This means a presenter can earn more if they have served at the station longer. 

Another determining factor is the different roles besides presenting or hosting an additional show.

Clearly, presenters who joined Musyi FM in its early years have been assigned an extra role besides being a presenter, proving that experience matters.

These are Christine Ndanu (2005), Onesmus Mwengei (2007), Titus Muli (2005), and Michael Kyalo (2005).

Without a doubt, the extra functions come with additional pay. 

The named presenters, therefore, earn a higher income than the rest.

Radio presenters in leading media houses like Royal Media services earn an average monthly salary of Ksh. 150,000.

Christine, Titus, Susan, Onesmus, and Michael make more than that because they have more experience and play other roles, including heading various departments, deputizing, and hosting different shows.

For the closing remark, it is fair to say that Musyi FM presenters are compensated deservedly. 


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