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Lulu Hassan Salary, Businesses, Properties, and More

Lulu Hassan is, no doubt, a household name in Kenya.

She is widely known for her exceptional work as a media personality.

From anchoring news bulletins to hosting talk shows, Lulu has made a name for herself in the Kenyan media industry.

However, as much as we appreciate her work on our screens, many of us are curious about her salary and wealth.

Let us take a deep dive into Lulu Hassan’s salary, businesses, and properties.

How much is Lulu Hassan’s salary?

First, let’s talk about Lulu Hassan’s salary.

Lulu Hassan’s salary is estimated to be around KES 400 000 per month.

This makes her one of the highest-paid female media personalities in Kenya.

Lulu Hassan is also eligible for more than KES100, 000 in monthly allowances.

Furthermore, she receives additional revenue through advertisements, product endorsements, and a couple of multimillion dollar investment contracts.

Lulu also doubles up as the director and production manager of her company, Jiffy Production.

Jiffy is the company behind the famous local telenovelas like Maria, Moyo, Aziza, and Moyo.

Businesses owned by Hassan Lulu 

But Lulu’s wealth doesn’t stop with her monthly salaries.

She is also a successful businesswoman, owning several businesses in Kenya.

One of her most notable businesses is a beauty salon, “The Hair and Beauty Place.”

This successful salon is located in Nairobi’s upmarket neighborhood of Kilimani.

The salon offers a wide range of services, including hair styling, makeup, and nail care.

There is no accurate record of how much she generates through this business, but it makes her a lot of cash.

Top celebrities in the country come here to get their hair done and beauty dressing.

So, this is a business that makes lots of money, especially in a sprawling metropolis like Nairobi.

Lulu also owns a catering business called Lulu’s Kitchen.

It provides catering services for events such as weddings and corporate functions.

Hundreds of people flock to the Kitchen daily for food, others booking for significant events, especially during the weekends.

Like other reputable catering services in Nairobi, there is no doubt that Lulu Hassan makes a vast fortune from Lulu’s Kitchen.


Lulu Hassan has several properties in Kenya.

She owns a luxurious apartment in Nairobi’s upmarket neighborhood of Kilimani.

The condo is worth millions of Kenyan shillings and boasts state-of-the-art amenities.

Like most Kilimani residences, Lulu makes much money through her modern rentals.

 She also owns another house in Mombasa, where she spends holidays with her family.

The public has yet to discover the estimated worth of her private home.

But it is a quality home worth millions of money.

Lulu Hassan also owns some of the most expensive cars among media personalities.

She owns a Range Rover Sport valued at approximately 10 million Kenyan shillings.

Lulu Hassan’s Charity Work

Lulu Hassan is known for her charitable work.

She uses a portion of her wealth to give back to her community.

She has donated to various places to help provide for their basic needs.

She has also been involved in various charitable initiatives, such as raising funds for cancer patients and supporting education for underprivileged children.

For this reason, she has gained fame and won many awards. Her dedication to human service is unmatched.

Parting Thoughts

It is public domain that Lulu Hassan is not just a talented media personality but also a successful businesswoman and philanthropist.

 Her salary, businesses, and properties are a testament to her hard work and dedication.

As we enjoy her work on our screens, let’s also appreciate the woman behind the camera, who is positively impacting her community.

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