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Mwashumbe Salary: Here is how much Emmanuel Mwashumbe earns


Emmanuel Mwashumbe is no longer a presenter at Radio Maisha.

Mwashumbe, Billy Miya, and Mwalimu Mbaruk, all of whom are hosts at Radio Maisha, officially announced their departure from the station on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2023.

According to insiders at the media house, the trio is set to embark on a new journey at Radio 47, an upcoming radio station affiliated with TV47.

Learn more about Radio 47 here.

Mwashumbe is a popular radio presenter, thanks to his breakfast show on Radio Maisha, known as ‘Maisha Asubuhi,‘ which airs every weekday from 6 to 10 AM. His co-host at the show is Shuga boy (Ally Mwayongwe).

Previously, these two presenters hosted Radio Maisha’s evening drive show from 4 to 7 PM.

They have managed to capture and retain a significant number of loyal listeners—their show usually trends on Twitter whenever they are on air.

Emmanuel Mwashumbe’s Salary

All the true Kenyan Rhumba music fans recognize Mwashumbe since he used to host the KTN Home Rhumba show (Rasha Rasha) that aired every Saturday night from 10 to 12 PM.

He is a renowned rhumba music enthusiast and occasionally hosts Rhumba nights at various festivals and nightclub events in Nairobi.

This genre of music usually attracts the country’s mature generation, unlike other types of music niches favored by younger audiences.

Therefore, most Rhumba events are usually highly-priced in terms of entrance fees since most audiences are financially stable.

Most of the rhumba festivals’ lowest entry fee ranges from Ksh. 2000 to Ksh.5000, while VIP tickets are from Ksh.10, 000 to Ksh.15, 000.

It means that whenever Emmanuel Mwashumbe appears as the Rhumba event’s MC, he is assured of receiving a significant pay estimated to be from KSH.50, 000 to Ksh.100, 000 per show.

Due to his influence in the entertainment sector (especially Rhumba), their morning show’s popularity, and his vast experience in the radio sector since he is also a producer at Radio Maisha, he is among the well-paid presenters on the station.

Although he tries to keep this information private, we have credible information from reliable sources revealing that Mwashumbe receives an estimated gross salary of Ksh.600, 000.

Below is a comprehensive analysis of his salary based on the latest KRA calculations and remunerations:

Gross Pay 600,000
Non-Cash Benefits0.00 
Taxable Income 597,220
PAYE 172,383.35
Net Pay 424,836.65

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