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Mwalimu Mbaruk Salary Revealed


Mwalimu Mbaruk is no longer a presenter at Radio Maisha.

Mbaruk, Billy Miya, and Emmanuel Mwashumbe, all of whom are hosts at Radio Maisha, officially announced their departure from the station on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2023.

According to insiders at the media house, the trio is set to embark on a new journey at Radio 47, an upcoming radio station affiliated with TV47.

Learn more about Radio 47 here.

Mwalimu Mbaruk is a multi-talented Radio Maisha presenter, co-hosting the station’s Maji Makuu show which airs from 8 PM to 12 AM (alongside Babu Wakasiaka).

Besides being a producer and a voice-over personality, Mwalimu is a video director, scriptwriter (credited for writing the Saida TV show’s script), and events MC.

He has an extensive experience in the country’s radio industry since he initially served as Milele FM’s presenter on the station’s Breakfast show.

Mwalimu also hosted Baraka FM’s morning and evening drive shows.

Mwalimu Mbaruk’s Salary

It is evident that Mwalimu is a radio guru, which makes him one of Kenya’s most renowned Kiswahili presenters.

Mbaruk’s charming personality and vast experience have enabled him to maintain a large following of listeners that follow him on any media station he works for.

On November 2022, he was recognized as one of the country’s top 100 most influential and inspirational Kenyan Muslim media personalities.

 He even posted the award certificate on his Instagram account, proving he is among the best.

All these factors have made him a highly valuable asset in any media station he decides to work for.

Therefore, it’s obvious that to retain his services and prevent other stations from poaching him, the station has to pay Mwalimu an impressive salary since he is worth it.

Mwalimu Mbaruk receives a gross salary of Ksh. 550,000 at Radio Maisha, but it’s essential to note that this is not his only source of income.

As stated earlier, he is a multi-talented person with plenty of lucrative jobs that earn him significant amounts of money.

For instance, as a scriptwriter, he was able to pocket a cool Ksh.150, 000 from the Kenyan telenovela TV show, Saida.

He earns approximately Ksh.30, 000 to Ksh.70, 000 as an event MC and can make at least Ksh.100, 000 on his side hustle as a film director.

Although the exact amount paid as a voice-over artist in adverts is unknown, it is estimated to be at least Ksh. 50,000 per advert.

In 2019, he acquired a brand new fuel-guzzler vehicle (Land Cruiser TX).

 He also confessed that during his wedding, which was on March 2021, he spent approximately Ksh.3 million, which proves that he is a man with deep pockets.

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of his monthly salary according to the latest KRA calculations:

Gross Pay 550,000
Non-Cash Benefits0.00 
Taxable Income 547,220
PAYE 157,383.35
Net Pay 389,836.65

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