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Milele FM Presenters Salary: Here’s How Much Your Favorite Presenters Earn per Month

Milele Fm is a popular radio station in Kenya under the management of MediaMax Limited.

Among famous faces working at the Uhuru Kenyatta Family-owned media house are Alex Mwakideu, comedian MCA Tricky, and Captain Otoyo

Being one of the most listened radios in Kenya, you would expect Milele FM to pay its presenters well.

The average salary of radio presenters working in popular stations in Kenya is 100,000.

However, some make more than this amount because of their popularity and ability to command a significant listening audience.

So, how much do presenters at Milele make in a month?

Who is the Highest Paid Milele FM Presenter?

Presenters at Milele FM earn different salaries, mainly depending on their level of influence.

Alex Mwakideu bags the first spot as the highly-paid presenter at the station. He takes home around 800,000 every month. 

Mwakideu’s lucrative pay is justified because he is one of the hunted radio voices, having left Radio Maisha for Milele alongside Jalan’go years back.

 That was before Jalang’o left for Kiss FM, only to join politics later.

Alex Mwakideu, who hosts Milele Breakfast Show, is also the head of radio at the station, which explains his hefty salary. 

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How Much do Other Presenters Earn?

Other top presenters at Milele who must be taking home a hefty salary include Francis Luchivya, who worked at Radio Citizen for several years before joining Milele.

 Francis works alongside Jacqueline Nyaminde, known as Wilbroda, who also left Radio Citizen for Milele.

The two host the Drive Show, which runs from 3 to 7 pm, and are rumored to earn more than 300,000 per month. 

MCA tricky must also be enjoying good pay after leaving Radio Maisha, where he was earning above 100,000 per month.

Besides his pay at Milele, MCA Tricky still performs stand-up comedy from time to time and doubles as an influencer, where he advertises different brands to his many followers on social media.

As for Captain Otoyo, his salary at the radio station may be unknown, but given his popularity as a Comedian in the country, he must be laughing all the way to the bank every month. 

Otoyo has been in the entertainment industry since the early days of Papa Shirandula’s show, where he acted alongside Jalang’o.

He has also been appearing in Churchill’s shows. He is also an accomplished emcee.

Otoyo is worth millions, given his multi-tasking career. 

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