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Joyce Gituro Biography: Salary, Education, Marital Status, Career & Other Facts

Although she is currently missing in action in the Kenyan media industry, the name ‘Joyce wa Gituro’ still elicits fond memories in most Kenyan radio listeners.

Despite the controversies surrounding her career (continue reading this article to find out…), she was able to solidify her reputation as one of the best female radio personalities in the country.

Personal Background

Although most people know her as Joyce wa Gituro, her official names are Joyce Wairimu.

Despite being a Kikuyu, she was born on 5th June 1972 in Uasin Gishu County.

Her parents lived in the Yamumba constituency located in Eldoret North.

Educational Background

She began her primary school studies at Mwiruti primary school in Yamumba.

 Joyce later joined Calvo Girls High School in Eldoret, where she scored good grades after sitting for the KCSE exam.

She pursued a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication (journalism and media) at Daystar University.

She also enrolled and completed her master’s degree in corporate communication at the same establishment.

Marital Background and Current Status

Despite being a well-renowned media personality, she made headlines when she appeared in an interview with the famous presenter and YouTuber, Jeridah Andayi.

It’s from this interview where she revealed why she is called Joyce Wa Gituro and her sad marital story.

Gituro is the name of her first husband, to whom they bore three children, two sons and a daughter, after their wedding in 1995.

According to her confession during the show, problems in their marriage, which ultimately led to divorce, started when she became a devoted Christian.

Her husband disapproved of her new faith; instead, he took her to his preferred religious sect, which exhibited cult-like practices.

For instance, she claims that the leader of her former husband’s church insisted on closing all windows and doors when they were casting out demons.

They also sold some of their assets, despite facing economic hardships as they had significant school fees arrears for their children, just to buy a new TV for her husband’s pastor.

When she couldn’t take it anymore, she walked out on one of their prayer sessions, and her husband disapproved of the move.

It was the final straw in their marriage since they divorced afterward.

Surprisingly, her former spouse took almost all of their household items, such as the cookers, fridge, furniture, and even the curtains leaving her with nearly nothing.

She is currently single and not in a hurry to re-marry.

Career Background

Joyce’s career background has also experienced its fair share of ups and downs, including publicized controversies.

For instance, before she made her debut in the Kenyan radio scene as a presenter, she worked as a ‘hawker’ selling vegetables and second-hand clothes (popularly known as ‘mitumba’) in Eldoret’s market to earn a living.

Fortunately, after completing her bachelor’s degree in mass communication, she landed a job at Royal Media in 2003.

After working for almost 15 years as a radio host for Citizen FM, she resigned in 2018.

Unfortunately, she was awarded Ksh.10, 000 as an exit payment package despite working there for all those years.

She later joined Mediamax firm, in Milele FM, where she was the executive radio producer and host of a gospel show on Sunday in June 2018, but didn’t even last a year after the mass employee lay-off in August 2019.

In June 2020, Joyce secured a job at Radio Jambo, where she hosted a morning gospel show every Sunday called ‘Injili Jumapili’ from 5-10 AM.

However, by now, you can guess what happened next. She resigned, AGAIN!

Joyce Wa Gituro’s Salary

When she was still an active media personality, it’s believed that in her last job as a radio host in Radio Jambo, she received a gross monthly salary of Ksh.580, 000.

Here is a breakdown of Joyce’s wages according to KRA’s 2022/2023 financial year calculation of her monthly net pay.

Gross Pay 580,000
Non-Cash Benefits0.00 
Taxable Income 577220
PAYE 166,383.35
Net Pay 410,836.65

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Where Is Joyce wa Gituro Now?

Although she hasn’t made a comeback in the media scene, after resigning from Radio Jambo, she lost her blood sister seven months after quitting her last job on January 2022.

Before she lost her sister, she had established a career as a YouTuber by starting a YouTube channel named ‘Sema Na JG’ where she published videos interviewing several guests with unique and life-changing testimonies.

Unfortunately, the last uploaded video was dated five months ago, and all her social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) are currently dormant without any recent activity.

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