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6 Oldest Living People with Turner Syndrome

While females are prone to as many illnesses as males, certain syndromes affect women exclusively. A good example is Turner syndrome (TS) which is a genetic disorder that’s caused by complete or partial loss of an X-syndrome. This condition can affect 1 in every 22,000 to 25,000 female births and it can leave you with ovarian failure and short stature.

Ladies with Turner syndrome are prone to various illnesses that can reduce their life expectancy by up to 13 years, but with proper management, they can live longer.

They can even get pregnant via in-vitro fertilization and raise a family while achieving their career goals. After all, various women with this condition have attained success in their careers.

Here is a list of individuals with Turner syndrome who have lived for over 50 years and succeeded in their careers.

1. Linda Hunt (78 Years Old)

Despite her condition, Hunt has managed to break many records. She became the first actress to win an Oscar in 1983 for playing the role of the opposite sex in a movie. Hunt was diagnosed with TS while young, but that didn’t stop her from going for her dreams in life.

She may be 4’9” tall, but she was blessed with a deep and rich voice that has made her an exceptional narrator for various TV series including “American Experience.” 

2. Janette Cranky (74 Years Old)

T.S may have left her about 4’ 5” tall, but it didn’t stop her from entertaining people on TV during the 1980s. She even released an album and pop songs between 1975 and 1984.

The Scottish actress is known for her role in the “Krankies Klub” and lots of Funniest Music moments on TV. Janette was lucky enough to marry Ian Tough who was the other half of the “Krankie.” in 1969.

She may be semi-retired right now, but she did appear with her husband in the Comic Relief charity video in 2007.   

3. Mariska Hargitay (69 Years Old)

The popular Law and Order: SVU actress was diagnosed with T.S while she was young. She is the daughter of Mickey Hargitay, a former Mr. Universe and Mansfield Jayne. Mariska became Miss Beverly Hill in 1982 and started taking up various small roles before becoming “Olivia Benson the main character of Law and Order SVU.

4. Barbara (68 Years Old Lady from Florida)

Born in April 1955, Barbara was diagnosed with Turner syndrome when she was 6 years old and she has managed to live for over 68 years. Living with T.S can be quite challenging, but she managed to make lemonade with what life offered her. She got her Master’s degree and worked as a software developer for 40 years.

She even managed to achieve her dream of entertaining people at Disney World where she played various roles at the community theater. To overcome her shortcomings, she has had to wear hearing aids and make some changes to her house and car.

5. Dr. Catherine Ward Melver (50 Years Old)

The former Turner Syndrome Society’s president may be 4’8” tall, but she is the leading expert on the condition in the United States. Currently, she is a geneticist working at Akron Children’s Hospital.

Catherine was diagnosed with the condition while young, but she never met anyone with that condition until she was in college. She even adopted a girl known as Zoe who has T.S.

Catherine plans on giving her daughter the best and with the availability of growth hormones Zoe may grow taller than her mother.

6. Melissa Marlowe (52 Years Old)

Source: Prezi

Another popular actress that has been diagnosed with T.S. is Miss Marlowe. Melissa is a former gymnast who was part of the U.S. team that competed in the Pan American Games that took place in Indianapolis.

She even became part of the National team that represented the country in the Olympic Games in South Korea, where she finished 4th.

Melissa also serves as T.S. Society’s spokesperson and advocates for people with T.S. in the country.

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Turner Syndrome may be a serious genetic condition, but with proper management and the right treatment, you can live for over 70 years like Linda Hunt. And with the growth hormones, you can grow over 5 feet tall. Therefore, the conditions shouldn’t stop you from going after your goals in life like the above successful ladies. And if giving birth is an issue you can adopt kids like Zoe, Dr. Catherine’s daughter and create a beautiful family.  

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