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10 Most Famous African Tiktokers to Follow In 2024

TikTok has become one of the world’s most increasingly popular social media platforms, and Africa has not been left behind.

Many talented African TikTokers have gained a massive following due to their unique and hilarious content.

Here are the ten most famous Africans taking TikTok by storm in 2024 you can follow.

1. Khaby Lame: @khaby.lame

Number of Followers: 161.6M+

Khaby Lame is a Senegalese-Italian social media sensation and comedian born on March 9, 2000, in Senegal. He became famous for his hilarious videos on TikTok, where he comments on the absurdity of complicated life hacks and useless DIY tips that are often shared on the platform. Prior to his rise to fame, Lame worked as a factory worker in Italy and uploaded his TikTok videos during breaks. However, his videos quickly went viral, and he shot to fame, garnering millions of followers within a short time. He is one of the most-followed creators on the platform, with over 161.6 M followers and counting.

2. Wian van den Berg: @wian

Number of Followers: 16.7M+

Wian is a South African content creator, social media influencer, and magician. He was born in Cape Town in 1996 and began performing magic tricks at 15. Wian later polished up his magic skills before joining TikTok. Though Wian is based in Africa, most of his followers are in the United States. Wian joined TikTok in 2018 and is now ranked the most followed TikToker in South Africa with 16.7 M followers. Wian is a full-time TikToker who posts an average of 3-5 videos daily.

3. Emma Ifeanyi: @emmaifeanyi

Number of Followers: 8.8M+

Ifeanyi is a Nigerian internet personality, social media influencer, and content creator. He was born in the early 2000s as Emmanuel Chukwudi Ifeanyi and celebrates his birthday on July 28. Ifeanyi began creating evergreen content and funny videos and posting them on his TikTok account in November 2020, quickly catching the attention of a large number of followers. He currently stands at 8.8 M followers and counting.

4. Unice Wani: @unicewani

Number of Followers: 8.5M+

Wani is a Ugandan TikToker and digital creator based in Australia. She was born on August 9, 2002, and goes by the name “Mama Unice” on TikTok. Wani attended the University of Uganda, where she pursued a career in modeling. Wani focuses on content with humor or that showcases the latest in fashion and dance trends. Wani currently has 8.5 M followers on TikTok.

5. Munera Ahmed: @iconiccpinkk


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♬ original sound – Munera

Number of Followers: 6.9M+

Munera is an American social media personality, content creator, and influencer. She is originally from Somalia. Munera was born on December 15, 1997, to an Islamic household. While growing up, she wished to be famous, and so she became quite active on social media in 2014 at a young age. Munera created her YouTube channel in November 2019 and quickly became popular. She often posts clips of herself lip-syncing. Munera also creates content related to fashion, comedy, and make-up videos. Munera currently has 6.9 M followers.

6. Angella Summer Namubiru: @angellasummernamu

Number of Followers: 6.3M+

Born June 3, 1995, Namubiru is a Ugandan actress, content creator, media personality, model, vlogger, and philanthropist. She is the co-founder of Blacare, an NGO that helps advocate and raise awareness of issues such as gender and age equality, skin bleaching health hazards, protection of the environment, and access to clean water, among others. Namubiru uses her TikTok account to narrate her experiences in Uganda’s rural areas. She has accumulated 6.3 M followers on TikTok.

7. David Moya: @moyadavid1

Number of Followers: 4.6M+

Moya was born on January 1, 1988, in Mai Mahiu, Naivasha. He developed a passion for dancing at the tender age of 9. After completing high school, Moya went on to pursue a course in Journalism and Public Relations. After graduating, his career took a detour, and he started his own YouTube channel, where he would showcase his dancing skills. Moya joined TikTok in 2019 and gained popularity after his Valentine’s Day dance video went viral on social media. He currently has 4.6 M followers.

8. Nkwain Kennedy Lamiress: @kennedylamiress

Number of Followers: 3.2M+

Lamiress is a Cameroonian basketball player. He developed a passion for basketball at a young age, with the dream of becoming the next James LeBron in the NBA. Lamiress posts content of him training under harsh weather and environmental conditions, pushing his body to the limit to ensure that nothing holds him back from achieving his dream. His energy and drive have acquired him a large online audience from across the world, with 3.2 M followers on TikTok.

9. Jeandre Janse Van Rensburg: @jeandrejvrr

Number of Followers: 2.6M+

Rensburg was born on July 16, 2003. He is a vlogger and content creator born and raised in South Africa. His amazing personality, creativity, and commitment have seen him become one of the most followed TikToker in South Africa. He often shares content of him lip-syncing, skating, and interacting with strangers at random. Jeandre currently has 2.6 M followers on TikTok.

10. Iyabo Ojo: @iyaboojo

Number of Followers: 2.5M+

Iyabo Ojo is a Nigerian actress, film producer, and director. She was born on December 21, 1977, in Lagos State, Nigeria. She started her acting career in 1998 and has since starred in over 150 Nollywood movies. Iyabo has been captivating the attention of TikTok users with her engaging content. From humorous skits to inspirational messages, she has been providing a refreshing break from the usual content on the platform. Iyabo’s TikTok account currently has 2.5 M followers.

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