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6 Oldest People with DiGeorge Syndrome

Unlike most diseases, congenital disorders have no cure and they can leave you with functional or structural anomalies while you’re in your mother’s womb. And one condition that has troubled the world is DiGeorge Syndrome. The condition was first reported in 1965 by Dr. Angelo DiGeorge, but it was first described in 1829.

This condition occurs when a certain part of your chromosome 22 is absent and it can be passed down from parents to kids. The deletion of a small part of chromosome 22 can affect the development of various body systems.  It can leave you with a cleft palate, lowered immunity, heart issues, and low calcium levels.

Unfortunately, most kids born with severe defects don’t live beyond 3 years, but there are some kids with this condition that have outlived their parents.

The following individuals have lived for over 2 decades even though the doctors said they wouldn’t reach puberty.

1. Susan Wallace (Over 69 Years Old)

Wallace lived for over 69 years without knowing why she was struggling with various symptoms that were mysterious to everyone. All she knew was that she had to take a cocktail of medication to survive. Susan had debilitating psychological problems, speech impediment, and cleft palate.

She discovered that she had DiGeorge Syndrome in her late 60s, while she was recovering from a hip procedure. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2022, but her brother found out about this genetic condition and may be able to save the other members of the family.

2. Roger Evans (63 Years Old)

Evans’ condition was a mystery to him until the doctors found out that he had Adult DiGeorge Syndrome. Roger was born with hypoparathyroidism, but the doctors diagnosed him with the condition when he was an adult. He was diagnosed with DiGeorge Syndrome in 2004 and his search for a solution for the condition has made him a celebrity.

Roger may be one of the oldest guys with DiGeorge Syndrome since when Dr. Angelo DiGeorge wrote about the condition, he was already 3 years old.

3. Wendy Hamer (58 Years Old)

Hamer, a 58-year-old woman, was born with a rare congenital condition known as DiGeorge Syndrome that has left her with learning difficulties and heart defects. Even one of her daughters has the same condition. Luckily, she discovered Nigel House, a Saanich facility for people who need complex care, where she has been staying for over 5 years.

This condition started affecting her later in life; in fact, she had an apartment, a job, and even led a normal life. Unfortunately, DiGeorge left her with seizures and various symptoms that forced her to move to Nigel House.

4. Joey Manzo (36 Years Old)

Since Manzo was born with DiGeorge Syndrome, he has had to work harder than everyone to achieve his dreams. He has never let the condition stop him from going after his goals. When he was born, the doctors were sure that he wouldn’t live past 19, but right now he is over 36 years old and owns a house. He loves traveling and works at Goodwill.

5. McKenna’s mother (Over 30 Years Old)

McKenna’s mum didn’t know that she had DiGeorge Syndrome until 2017 when she gave birth to her daughter. After McKenna was born she seemed okay, but her mother noticed a problem when she started feeding her. McKenna was choking and even had a seizure immediately after being born.

The doctors conducted several tests and determined that McKenna had a genetic syndrome. The doctor then tested the other member of the family and discovered that she got the condition from her mother.

6. Nadia Zomorodian (Over 27 Years Old)

Zomorodian is a fighter who has managed to do everything people said she wouldn’t do. She was born with this genetic condition and had to undergo open heart surgery while she was a week old. Nadia has also had sinus surgery and palate surgery.

When she was young she was told that she wouldn’t do many things like driving, graduate, or even make friends. But she graduated and has a job. She learned how to drive when she was 18 years old, but she uses a GPS when driving.  

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DiGeorge Syndrome has a high infant mortality rate, but if the symptoms are not severe then you have a higher chance of living for years like the above individuals. So, early diagnosis of DiGeorge Syndrome can help you live longer and manage the symptoms with the right medications. You can even achieve your goals in life, but you may need assistance from the people around you.

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