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Wess Morgan Family Tree: Who Are Wess Morgan Parents?

Wess Morgan is a renowned gospel musician celebrated for his commanding vocals, soul-stirring melodies, and inspirational church sermons.

Many people have been intrigued by his personal life, particularly his parents, whose identities he occasionally shares on his social media accounts.

To help you stay updated on the gospel singer and pastor, here’s a quick overview of Wess Morgan’s family tree and the background of his parents.

Wess Morgan’s Parents: Who Are They?

Wess Morgan is the son of the renowned gospel singer and pastor, Joseph L. Morgan and his mother, Yolanda Morgan.

Despite their fame, his family has managed to keep their background information away from the public eye.

Wess Morgan followed in his parents’ footsteps and became a prominent gospel musician and pastor himself.

Wess was involved in traveling work with his parents since he was a young boy.

He has an older brother, Joey Morgan, and a younger sister, Delana Rutherford.

Yolanda Morgan

Yolanda is an artist, author, musician, motivational speaker, and pastor of the Celebration of Life Church in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

She and her husband co-founded Celebration of Life Church over 30 years ago.

 She is the author of “To Hell and Back,” released on January 6, 2014.

The book provides help for families with drug addicts as she shares her personal experience dealing with Wess’ addiction.

Joseph L. Morgan

Joseph is an author, life coach, motivational speaker, and pastor at Celebration of Life Church.

He works closely with his wife and son, Wess, in serving the spiritual needs of his congregation.

Aside from his ministry work, there is no personal information available on Joseph Morgan.

Delana Rutherford: Wess Morgan’s Younger Sister

Delana Rutherford is the younger sister of Wess Morgan and the wife of Myles Rutherford.

She is an author, pastor, and founder of Be You On Purpose Experience.

 Her husband, Myles, is also an author and pastor. They both started serving as Youth Pastors at Delana’s parents’ church, Celebration of Life Church, in the Nashville, Tennessee area.

The couple moved to Kennesaw, GA, in 2005, where they founded Worship with Wonders Church.

Delana has a deep love for gospel music and has been involved in the gospel music industry in some form or another.

Joey Morgan: Wess Morgan’s Older Brother

Joey, Wess’ brother, maintains a low profile, unlike the rest of his family.

Family Legacy of Faith

By and large, Wess Morgan comes from a family that has made a significant impact on the gospel music industry and Christianity at large. 

His parents instilled in him and his siblings a love for gospel music and the ministry from a young age.

This foundation has helped Wess Morgan become the powerhouse in gospel music that he is today, despite a rocky teenage life and struggles with addiction.

His siblings also carry on the family legacy in their own unique way.

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