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Gidi and Ghost Salary Revealed

Gidi (Joseph Oyoo) and Ghost (Jacob Mulee) are among the most famous duo in the Kenyan radio scene.

One of the main reasons for this fame is a segment called ‘Patanisho’ that features in their weekday breakfast show at Radio Jambo.

That segment aims to reconcile couples that have separated or are facing wrangles and disagreements.

However, it is usually filled with drama and hilarious revelations.

It has attracted a massive audience who tune in to the show anticipating the dramas.

Gidi’s Salary

Unfortunately, most millenniums can’t remember, or maybe they were not yet born, when the musical duo ‘Gidi Gidi and Maji Maji’ were a household name, thanks to their hit song ‘unbwogwable.’

This song was a major hit to the extent of being the official campaign song of NARC (National Rainbow Coalition) in 2002 which later won the elections.

In an interview at Churchill Live, Gidi confessed that the coalition paid them Ksh.800, 000 for using the song.

Coincidently, the late Moi, who was the president at that time, invited the duo to Statehouse and offered them Ksh.10 million for the song, but they later refused and stuck with NARC.

After ditching his music career, Gidi joined the media sector.

He is currently the main host of Radio Jambo’s morning show which airs every weekday from 6-10 AM.

He is among Kenya’s top 5 most paid radio personalities, with a monthly salary of Ksh. 2 million.

He also has a podcast channel called ‘Sema na Gidi.’

On 28th march 2022, he announced on his social media pages that his podcast had landed a partnership with crown paints.

 Although the financial details remain a mystery, it’s estimated to be worth several hundred thousands.

Despite quitting music as an active artist, he occasionally appears at major events, and at times they get to perform some of their previous hit songs like ‘Atoti’ and ‘Unbwogable.’

Gidi and Maji Maji are said to charge not less than Ksh.120, 000 to perform for a few minutes.

It’s also essential to note that their music also earns them significant money on various online streaming platforms like YouTube, iTunes, and Mdundo.

Let’s look at his net monthly income at Radio Jambo.

Gross Pay 2,000,000
Non-Cash Benefits0.00 
Taxable Income 1,997,220
PAYE 592,383.35
Net Pay 1,404,836.65

Ghost’s Salary

Almost every Kenyan, especially football fans, knew Ghost Mulee even before he joined the radio scene.

He is among the most celebrated and successful coaches in the country.

For instance, in 2004, he managed to lead Harambee stars to AFCON (African cup Of Nations); before then, the last time the national team had qualified was in 1992.

Unfortunately, that was the last time the Kenyan team participated in the tournament.

He later quit his coaching career and joined Radio Jambo as Gidi’s co-host in their breakfast show.

His unique, infectious laughter is among the reasons why their show continues to be among the most listened-to morning programs in Kenya.

He earns a monthly salary of at least Ksh.600,000 at Radio Jambo.

As the head coach of Harambee stars, he confessed to Gidi during their breakfast show that the highest amount he has ever been paid was Ksh.500,000.

Since he is one of the most renowned football experts in the country, he is occasionally invited to other media stations as a football analyst/pundit in their TV football programs, especially during last year’s world cup season.

Although the financial details of such appearances have yet to be confirmed, these shows can pay from Ksh.7, 000-15,000 per appearance.

Below is a comprehensive calculation of his monthly net pay per the latest KRA remunerations.

Gross Pay 600,000
Non-Cash Benefits0.00 
Taxable Income 597,220
PAYE 172,383.35
Net Pay 424,836.65

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