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What Happened to Paul from Sea Dwelling Creatures on Tanked?

Tankedwas a great TV show while it lasted, and it gave us personalities who will remain in our minds for a long time even though their careers slowed down after the show’s cancellation.

The show’s cast did a great job, and so did partners like Sea Dwelling Creatures (SDC), the aquarium livestock supplier for Tanked.

Paul Votava was the SDC’s sales representative and appeared in several seasons of the Animal Planet show.

It’s almost five years since Tanked wrapped up production, prompting the cast to seek alternative career paths.

Each Tanked cast wowed viewers uniquely, and Paul from Sea Dwelling Creatures is among the characters who brought his ray of sunshine on the show.

If you are among those curious regarding Paul’s whereabouts since the show’s abrupt ending, read on for tidbits on what he could be up to.

Who is Paul from Dwelling Sea Creatures?

Brett and Wayde were the protagonists of Tanked, but their work of building and revamping fish tanks for celebrities wouldn’t be complete without a fish supplier.

Therefore, the show partnered with SDC to supply them with various fish and other aquarium supplies to ensure client needs were met.

SDC has been operational for over 30 years, making the experience one of the reasons Tanked made them their supplier.

Paul Votava worked for SDC and had the opportunity to get featured in several episodes as he helped with the aquarium products.

SDC offers diverse fresh-water fish ranging from bettas, discus, danios, eels, goldfish, mollies, platys, tetras, rasbora, etc.

Other aquarium products available at SDC include corals and invertebrates.

Paul oversaw the delivery process of marine life and ensured everything was at the set before the shooting.

Preparing live marine fish for transportation requires expertise, and Paul took care of that when the cast traveled to different celebrity homes to build them custom aquariums.

Some of the Tanked cast would also pass by SDC to pick fish and other aquarium products with the help of Paul in preparation for upcoming episodes.

SDC thrived financially after partnering with Tanked and also benefited from the exposure it received after being featured on the top-rated show.

Years later, viewers would like to know what became of Paul.

Does he still work at SDC, or did his work end after the show? Is SDC still operational?

What Happened to Paul?

Sea Dwelling Creatures is still running, although the covid-19 pandemic prompted the company to shut down temporarily in 2020.

The temporary closure came after the pandemic slowed down American and international flight cargo operations, hence making it difficult for the company to import marine livestock.

The company, however, resumed its operations after the global flight network bounced back from the effects of the pandemic.

 Paul Votava still works at SDC, according to his Facebook profile.

He primarily has photos of aquarium plants on his Facebook account but occasionally posts photos of his wife and pets.

There are no photos of Paul with the former Tanked cast, implying that their association was strictly professional.

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