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All about Melissa Bradford, Brett’s Ex-Wife

Before the Tanked TV show catapulted the likes of Brett Raymer and Wayde King to stardom, Melissa Bradford was married to Brett.

Brett, his father Irwin, and Wayde were the co-owners of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, a company that developed custom-made aquariums in Las Vegas.

That was before Animal Planet approached them for a TV show deal popularly known as Tanked, which aired for 15 seasons from 2011 to its cancellation in 2018.

Melissa worked in Acrylic Tank Manufacturing as an office manager, but she was long gone when the first episode of Tanked hit the screens.

 So, why didn’t Melissa appear in Tanked, yet she had been married to Brett, and the two were blessed with a son?

Melissa and Brett’s Divorce

Melissa Bradford and Brett were together for almost ten years and had a son, Bryce.

Brett has a daughter, Kayla Michelle, from a past relationship with a woman going by the Facebook name Leslie Aiello.

Unfortunately, Brett and Melissa’s marriage wasn’t built to last, and the couple split.

They had divorced before the creation of Tanked, which means Melissa never got the opportunity to feature in the show despite working for ATM as a manager.

After the divorce, Melissa resigned from the company and granted Brett full custody of her son.

The main reason for their divorce is unknown since none has ever addressed the issue in interviews or social media.

The custody arrangement doesn’t exclude Melissa from her son’s life because she has visitation rights.

Details about whether Melissa receives spousal support from Brett following their divorce remain unknown.

 After their divorce, Brett fell in love with an ATM employee, Trisha Chamberlain, who worked as the company’s digital marketer.

Brett and Trisha started dating in 2011, got engaged in 2017, but went their separate ways a few years later.

Brett is currently dating Melinda Sue. According to her Facebook profile, Melissa also moved on and has been in another relationship since July 2017.

So, where is Melissa Bradford now?

Where is Melissa Bradford Now?

It is difficult to tell what Melissa, currently residing in Reno, Nevada, is doing because she hasn’t highlighted her current workplace on her social media.

She has two Facebook accounts, and the last time she posted on one of her accounts was in 2017; her account activities include photos taken between 2008 and 2017, mostly family photos with her kids.

She has tagged Brett Raymer in some of their son’s photos.

None of her photos explain the kind of work she has done for a living since leaving the ATM.

About her relationship, Melissa has not mentioned the name of the man she is dating, but once posted a photo of him on her social media, talking about how she had missed him.

Melissa keeping a low profile on social media and not sharing anything about her career doesn’t entirely mean she has no job.

She could be keeping the information to herself to avoid public scrutiny.

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Melissa Bradford’s Net Worth

Determining Melissa’s net worth without information regarding what she does for a living is a challenge.

She stopped being associated with ATM after divorcing Brett, and no details touching on her career have been found since then.

Her ex-husband Brett, however, has a networth of $5 million, and details about their prenuptial agreement remain unknown, so we may never know how much in spousal support Melissa receives from Brett.

Brett Raymer made substantial money from Tanked, the ATM business, and a Doughnut venture which has since closed shop.

Brett runs an Italian-cuisine-fledged restaurant, Stallone’s Italian Eatery, which is doing well.

While details of Melissa’s income source remain private, at least we know her son has everything he needs because his father is a hard worker.

Melissa Bradford Family

Going through Melissa’s photos on social media, she may have added another child after her split with Brett.

She has frequently posted a young girl on her timeline and captioned a photo of her sound asleep from 2017 ‘So at peace. Mama’s angel’, who, according to the comments section, goes by the name Chevelle.

She has also uploaded several photos in the company of the young girl and her son, Bryce, implying they are step-siblings.

Her older daughter Audrey Schlosser, 21 years old, is all grown up and married, living with her husband in Fayetteville, California.

Melissa birthed Audrey from a past relationship with Wayne Schlosser.

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