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All About Trisha Chamberlain, Brett Raymer’s Ex-Fiancé

Trisha Chamberlain was the digital marketer for the Acrylic Tank Manufacturing Company before her fame.

She was working at the company, co-owned by Brett Raymer and Wayde King, when Animal Planet’s hit show Tanked kicked off.

Brett’s life suddenly took an exciting turn with his new-found fame after the show became one of the most watched on American TV.

 Trisha was not cast in Tanked, but her relationship with Brett catapulted her to stardom.

The two began dating in 2011, a few months before the Tanked show hit off.

Trisha and Brett met at a networking event, and Brett, who had just divorced his first wife, found love again with Trisha.

Years after Tanked aired its last season in 2018, viewers were left with lasting memories of the show’s cast, especially Brett Raymer.

 Since Trisha was in the picture as Brett’s fiancé, fans would like to know if the two are still together and, if not, what she is up to.

Where does she live and work?

Well, if you want an update on Trisha Chamberlain’s life, read on for closure, but first, here is her profile summary.

Trisha Chamberlain Profile Summary

Full NameTrisha Marie Chamberlain
Birth PlaceUSA
Current ResidenceLas, Vegas
Marital StatusUnknown
ChildrenChandler and Dylan
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
InstagramTrisha Marie Chamberlain

Trisha Chamberlain Career

Trisha was an entrepreneur before she started working at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing Company as its digital marketer.

She has been running her Mattress Mania business for 20 years.

Besides selling mattresses, Trisha is also a furniture liquidator. She also offers interior design services.

Additionally, Trisha was in the doughnut business with her ex-fiance Brett.

They operated Donut Mania before they were slammed with a lawsuit over intellectual property infringement, forcing them to shut it down.

By the time they were taken to court by a competitor, Pinkbox Doughnuts, Donut Mania was operating in four locations, Summerlin, Spring Valley, North Las Vegas, and Henderson.

The lawsuit arose after Donut Mania poached Pinkbox employees who, according to the competitor, knew its delicate information regarding the recipe, manufacturing process, and doughnut designs.

After acquiring Pinkbox’s employees, Donut Mania started making doughnuts similar to Pinkbox, prompting the competitor to take legal action after their business was affected significantly.

When questioned about the lawsuit, Brett dismissed it and said it was baseless and out of malice.

Donut Mania business closed shop in 2019, proving that the case was not ruled in their favor.

Trisha Chamberlain Love Life

Before dating Brett, Trisha Chamberlain had a past love life whose information is still unavailable.

Her two grown sons are enough evidence that she was in relationships before.

Trisha started dating Brett in 2011 after connecting at a networking event.

Brett Raymer saw a lifetime partner in Trisha, compelling him to propose to her in 2017 on the set of the Tanked show, meaning the proposal was televised when that particular episode aired on Animal Planet.

The proposal was well coordinated, with the entire cast and employees playing along to ensure Trisha didn’t know something was cooking.

Trisha accepted Brett’s proposal as the cameras rolled, and everyone cheered and congratulated them.

This was Brett’s second attempt at marriage after his first marriage to Melissa ended in Divorce.

Many expected wedding plans to take off almost immediately after the engagement, but there were no signs from Brett and Trisha of officiating their union.

They were already living under one roof with their children, and what remained was a wedding to unite them officially as one family.

The marriage, however, never came to be because the two went their separate ways two years after the engagement.

 It is unclear if Trisha Chamberlain is in another relationship, but Brett already moved on and is dating Melinda Sue, a realtor.

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Trisha Chamberlain Family

After failing to wed Brett for unknown reasons, Trisha returned to singlehood, living with her two sons.

Her sons, Chandler and Dylan, are above 20 years, the last born probably in college.

Trisha posts her sons on Instagram frequently, revealing their close bond.

She also posts photos of her parents and siblings whenever they reunite in their Arizona home, especially for Christmas.

Her son’s father’s details remain unknown, making it difficult to know how they relate.

Besides having a close-knit family, Trisha is friendly and always shares photos of her hanging out with friends or attending parties and events in different settings.

Trisha Chamberlain Networth

Trisha may no longer be associated with Brett, whose staggering net worth of $ 5 million, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t make a decent income.

Her Las Vegas-based mattress and furniture business has been thriving for 20 years.

Her doughnut business also did well before her competitor took her out of the market through a lawsuit.

Away from her mattress venture, Trisha participates in sports betting, which she is very good at, according to the Instagram posts of her flaunting wads of cash.    

Putting a figure to Trisha’s net worth is difficult because no reliable information highlights the same.

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