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Who is Loni Love’s Ex-Husband?

Loni Love, whose real name is Yolanda Gill, is a household name in the American entertainment industry.

She fits the bill as one of the most industrious African American women in the entertainment business following her co-hosting career at The Real, acting in movies like With or Without You, performing stand-up comedy, and writing books.

Like many celebrities, Loni Love’s fans are fixated on her career and love life.

The best thing is that Loni has never shied away from sharing her love life publicly.

The 50-year-old is not married but is in a relationship.

At her age, Loni doesn’t seem in a hurry to get married or have children, and her marital status raises several questions.

Was she married before?

If yes, why did her marriage end? Who was her husband, and what’s her stand on getting married again and having children?

Celebrities are never spared when it comes to scrutinizing their personal lives, and Loni knows that all too well.

Therefore, she has set the record straight in interviews, addressing her past marriage, opening up about getting married again, and her stand on having children.

Loni Love’s Ex-Husband and Why They Parted Ways

Loni Love opened up about her past marriage in one of The Real episodes in 2013.

Loni told viewers and her co-hosts how she fell in love and got married in her 20s, just when she was establishing her comedy career.

 Loni and her former husband were in a relationship for two years before he decided to pop the question.

One day, he asked Loni to meet him in Vegas, and when she arrived, he proposed to her, to which she nodded yes, and they married.

It didn’t take long for Loni to note that her decision to get married would undermine her sprouting comedy career.

She had to choose between settling and marriage and starting a family or advancing her career since she had started landing gigs at LA’s Laugh Factory.

She had even left her engineering job to concentrate on stand-up comedy.

Her husband was set to move to another State, and Loni revealed that if she followed him, her career would have ended before it started, so she decided to end the marriage.

She said she doesn’t regret leaving her young marriage because putting herself first has paid off many years later.

Loni Love didn’t mention the name of her ex-husband, probably because he isn’t in the limelight, and she wanted to protect his identity from public scrutiny.

Years later, Loni is yet to get married again, raising concerns if she ever intends to commit to marriage or remain unmarried.

Loni Love Stand On Marriage and Children

If you are a fan of Loni and can’t wait for her to tie the knot, you may give up on the idea.

Why? It turns out Loni is not interested in walking down the aisle.

Getting married isn’t the only thing Loni Love has shut out but having children too.

A miscarriage in her first marriage triggered her decision to remain childless.

Loni Love is living her dream and doesn’t seem to regret not conforming to societal expectations.

She is in a loving relationship, and even if The Real TV show was canceled, she always has shows to perform.

James Welsh: Loni Love’s Boyfriend

Loni Love is dating her first-ever white boyfriend, James Welsh, and the two have been going strong since meeting on a dating app in 2018.

The comedian gushes about her white man in interviews and discusses their compatibility.

The lovebirds also post each other on their respective Instagram accounts and are openly supportive of each other careers.

James Welsh is a part-time actor and runs a painting company called Quality Painting Plus.

The 56-year-old Rhode Island-born partner is a father to two grown sons from a past marriage.

Loni Love wrote a book giving relationship advice, and she stresses compatibility based on her dating experiences and stressing compatibility.

The book goes by Love Him or Leave Him, But Don’t Get Stuck with the Tab: Hilarious Advice for Real Women.

Despite coming from different cultures and demanding careers, Lone and James enjoy each other’s company and look forward to vacationing away from their busy schedules.

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