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Does Wayde King Have Cancer?

It’s almost five years since the last season of Tanked aired on Animal Planet, and loyal fans can’t help wanting to know how the cast members are faring after the show’s cancellation.

The dynamic cast of Wayde, Brett, Heather, and Irvin gave viewers quality screen time delivering custom-made aquariums for Hollywood’s who-is-who.

The abrupt ending of Tanked caught many by surprise, and everyone blamed Wayde and Heather’s domestic issues.

It is always a sad turn of events when an individual spends years building a brand, and just when they hit the peak of their career, life deals them a cruel blow that takes years to recover from.

An Overview of Wayde King Before and After Tanked

Wayde King was raised in a fish-dealing family business, the origin of his passion for aquatic life.

He moved to Las Vegas to visualize his passion-driven profession by offering aquarium services to interested clients.

One of Wayde’s clients was Irwin Raymer, who, after being impressed by the services, made an offer to Wayde to accept him as his business partner, and that is how Acrylic Tank Manufacturing was born.

Heather and Brett, Irwin’s daughter and son, also joined the business as an accountant and chief operating officer, respectively.

What started as a one-person show became a full-pledged family business after Wayde and Heather married.

The ATM business was a big success in Las Vegas since its establishment in 1997, attracting the attention of Animal Planet.

The family signed a contract with the TV network and started the production of Tanked.

The show mainly showcased aquarium developing processes that the ATM team carried out for different American celebrities, including but not limited to Dwayne Wade, Tracy Morgan, Ty Dolla $ign, Neil Patrick Harris, the late Betty White, Wilmar Valderrama, Akin, Keyshia Cole, etc.

The family grew a fortune from the show with a successful run of 15 seasons.

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Tanked Ending and Why Its Production Stopped

Tanked fans were in for a rude shock after Animal Planet announced in 2019 that it wouldn’t renew the show for further seasons.

The Animal Planet’s announcement came shortly after Wayde and Heather’s two-decade marriage tumbled after their popularized domestic assault case in 2019.

The year 2019 marked not only the ending of a popular TV show but also a twenty-year-old marriage between Wayde and Heather that had brought forth two girls, Morgan and Taylor.

Animal Planet squashed speculations that it had canceled the show following Wayde’s family drama and insisted that its production fate was decided before the King’s marriage woes became a tabloid sensation.

Years later, it is natural for fans to speculate about Wayde’s career, health, relationship, and anything in between.

Speaking of Wayde’s health, concerns have been raised regarding his weight and if he could be battling an illness that the public isn’t aware of.

Is Wayde King Suffering from Cancer?

Wayde King lost some pounds towards the end of 2018, making fans think he was battling an illness, probably cancer.

However, King’s weight loss had nothing to do with cancer, but his decision to shed some pounds after Brett and Irwin constantly teased him about his weight.

He started working out and lost significant weight in two years.

Another reason that fueled speculation regarding Wayde’s health was the bruises he suffered after a domestic altercation with his now-divorced wife, Heather.

Wayde informed the police that Heather had kicked his stomach and slapped him.

That is all in the past since they all went their separate ways but are co-parenting.

On Wayde’s health concerns, he hasn’t publicly confirmed battling any illness, so the reports remain unfounded.

 Also, Wayde is not obliged to share information regarding his health unless compelled to do so for various reasons.

 It is unclear if he still works out because he doesn’t share much about his personal life on his Facebook account.

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