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What is Brett Raymer Doing Now?

Viewers always want to know how their favorite or least favorite TV show star is coping with life whenever a TV show ends through cancellation or a planned ending.

Brett Raymer is one such character.

He became a household name in the TV industry after a 15-season run in Animal Planet’s show Tanked, featuring alongside his brother-in-law Wayde King, sister Heather King, and his father, Irwin Raymer.

The show’s primary activity included creating fish tanks from scratch by following the specifications of their clients, who were mainly celebrities, including but not limited to Betty White, Alyssa Milano, NTracy Morgan, Shaquille O’Neal, and Ludacris.

Brett and Wayde were co-founders of an aquarium manufacturing company called Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, and their expertise in building aquariums was evident in the show.

Brett’s father, Irwin, was the company’s office manager, while Heather was an accountant.

Tanked Show Ending Explained

The Tanked show aired from 2011 until 2019 on the Animal Planet network.

However, the show ended abruptly, with speculations rife that its untimely ending was a result of family drama.

The channel, however, refuted the claims and chided that the ending was already decided before the drama unfolded.

So what happened?

Wayde and Heather, who had been married for over 20 years and had three children together, made headlines after a domestic abuse brawl.

Wayde had reported Heather to the police for slapping and kicking him in the stomach.

Upon her arrest, Heather defended her actions by revealing that her ex-husband had been physically abusing her for years and that she was defending herself against him.

She also released photos showing past bruises she suffered following physical brawls with Wayde.

Days after she was arrested and released on bond, Heather filed for divorce, marking the start of the end of her two-decade-long union with Wayde.

While fans and Tanked show viewers were absorbing the unfolding family events, Animal Planet announced the show’s ending.

Fans wildly speculated that the family drama contributed to the show’s cancellation, but the channel countered that the show had run its course and its ending was imminent.

Following the show’s ending, Brett Raymer promised fans that the family would return with a YouTube show called Lifestyles of The Fish and the Famous.

However, the YouTube channel never materialized, and fans noticed Wayde and Brett’s closeness had drifted apart following the divorce and Tanked cancellation.

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Is Brett’s ATM Business Still Running?

Tanked was a successful show while it lasted, and people hoped that Brett and his family would remain in business after its abrupt ending.

However, that never came to be because the Acrylic Tank Manufacturing business is a no-show years later, although his LinkedIn bio still insists he is the company’s owner.

Brett, however, promised his audience through his social media account that he would commit to offering affordable and customized aquarium services to everyone.

He also posts aquarium content and videos on his official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

The show may have ended, and the ATM business slowed down, but Brett Raymer made a fortune that he is living off.

He had purchased a sprawling mansion in Nevada which he listed in the market when Tanked came to a halt.

Brett has an estimated net worth of $5 million, and he invested some of his money in a doughnut business.

The business had a promising start but came crashing down after a competitor filed a lawsuit against Brett for intellectual property violation.

Brett had to close shop and look for a new business venture, and that’s how he ended up opening an Italian restaurant called Stallone’s Italian Eatery.

Brett Raymer’s Love Life

Aside from Brett’s business ventures, he has also experienced an interesting turn of events in his love life.

Brett was previously married to Melissa Bradford, and the two shared two children, Kayla and Bryce.

The two divorced, and Brett got into a relationship with Trisha Chamberlain, who also had two kids from a past relationship.

Trisha and Brett were on the verge of getting married after seven years together but called their engagement off and went their separate ways.

Brett never gave up on love and is dating Melinda Sue, a realtor.

You can follow Brett on social media for first-hand information on what he is up to.

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