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Red Cross Jobs for Form Four Leavers

Have you dreamt of working with the Kenya Red Cross but only have a Form Four certificate as your qualification? That fact should not worry you at all.

Good news!

There are several Red Cross jobs that you can do with a Form Four certificate. These jobs require less skills and are not as complex as the others. You can quickly get started with a short training process.

Reading further below will reveal the top Kenya Red Cross jobs you can do with a Form Four certificate. You will also learn about the application process and what you can do to get consideration.

Most Common Red Cross Jobs for Form Four Leaver

With a Form Four certificate, you can work at Kenya Red cross as:

  • Disaster relief worker
  • CPR and first aid instructor
  • Blood donor screener
  • Youth program worker
  • Administrative assistant
  • Shelter worker

1. Disaster Relief Worker

Working as a disaster relief worker at the Kenya Red Cross is less complex. The duties involve responding to emergencies such as floods and other natural disasters. Your other responsibilities as a disaster relief worker will include:

  • Distributing emergency supplies
  • Assisting in giving emergency shelters
  • Helping with recovery efforts
  • Helping in providing first aid

2. CPR and First Aid Instructor

You can also work as a CPR and first aid instructor at the Kenya Red Cross.

Your duties are more complex than a disaster relief worker, but some little training will get you started.

In this role, your responsibilities will involve:

  • Showing techniques of giving first aid
  • Developing plans to cover topics about first aid
  • Providing feedback to individuals regarding their performances in the first aid field.

3. Blood Donor Screener

Your primary work as a blood donor screener is ensuring donors meet the donating requirements.

There are also other things to do with this role. These things include:

  • Doing physical examinations on individuals.
  • Checking the medical history of every potential donor.
  • Ensuring that there is safety and comfort for every donor.

4. Youth Program Worker

Working as a youth program worker at the Kenya Red Cross entails simple responsibilities.

Unlike most of the other roles, as a youth program worker, you will only have to:

  • Create programs focussing on youth matters.
  • Provide support regarding different youth training programs.
  • Help in coordinating different youth activities and events
  • Evaluate the impacts of the Red Cross on the communities around you.

5. Administrative Assistant

As an administrative assistant, your duties will entail:

  • Dealing with all the outgoing and incoming correspondence through phone calls and emails.
  • Giving support to the Red Cross management team that you work for.
  • Coordinating in the arrangement of travels involving your team.
  • Conducting other clerical duties like data entry and photocopying documents.

6. Shelter Worker

You can also work as a shelter worker at the Kenya Red Cross. Your duties in this position will involve:

  • Setting up temporary shelters and managing them.
  • Supervising and supervising volunteers.
  • Taking part in training and capacity-building activities.


The Form Four leavers’ jobs at the Kenya Red Cross also come with awesome rewards. Below are the salaries for each Form Four leaver jobs at this organization:

JobSalary Estimates
Disaster relief workerKsh 10,000 to Ksh 19,000
CPR and first aid instructorKsh 12,000 to Ksh 20,000
Blood donor screenerKsh 15,000 to 35, 000
Youth program workerKsh 12,000 to Ksh 15,500
Administrative assistantKsh 15,000 to Ksh 40,000
Shelter workerKsh 10,000to Ksh 18,000

How to Apply for the Form Four Leaver Jobs

There is an application process that you must go through to get a job at the Kenya Red Cross. 

For a quick application:

  • Review the requirements and ensure they require a KCSE certificate as the minimum requirement.
  • Submit your cover letter and resume (highlight your relevant skills on the resume)
  • Submit the application via the same official website.
  • Wait for an official email response

Considerations to Make

For Kenya Red Cross to quickly consider you for the job position, you should:

  • Make a clear communication once they contact you back.
  • Consider using internal referrals if you have one.
  • Make a quick offer once you are at the interview table. This move will increase your chances of getting the job since you’ll be bold.


Your Form Four certificate is enough to land you a job at the Kenya Red Cross.

You only need to follow the application process correctly.

Also, remember to put the considerations in mind during the process.

Furthermore, make sure you verify the job opening and contact the organization directly if you have to. This move will prevent you from some potential con artists around the web.

Cheers! on your application process at Kenya Red Cross.

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