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Coca-Cola Jobs for Form Four Leavers:  Jobs to Apply For (+Tips to Get Hired)

The high unemployment rate currently being experienced in Kenya is quite alarming.

It has become common for the media to report on the high number of college and university students graduating, for them to end up tarmacking for long periods in search of jobs without success.

Such news often tends to discourage form four-leavers who lack advanced academic credentials since they only have the basic primary and secondary certificates.

Fortunately, there is hope since various jobs are available for them to consider.

The Coca-cola company is one of the firms in the country that offers multiple job opportunities for high school leavers.

The Type of Coca-Cola Jobs Available For High School Leavers and Their Salary Estimates

Below are some of the most advertised job opportunities that require minimum academic qualifications hence suitable for any form four leaver.

As you’ll see, there are two figures for their monthly salary estimates.

It’s because the first figure represents the starting salary you can expect in the specific job.

After serving for three months (usually called the probation period), the management may decide to increase your wages to the specified amount if they are impressed with your service.

Job TitleMonthly Salary Estimate
General LaborerKsh.10,000-15,000
Delivery Unloading PersonnelKsh.18,000-24,000

Comprehensive Details of These Jobs and Their Requirements

1.   General Laborer

This job title involves performing manual tasks required in the daily operations taking place in the company.

It may include performing activities like; sorting the crates and bottles (separating broken bottles from the good ones), loading and unloading the crates of bottles from the machines and into the delivery trucks, and any other task assigned by the respective supervisor.

General Requirements

To be eligible for the position of a general laborer, you’ll have to meet these requirements;

  •  Valid Kenyan I.D
  • KCSE Results Certificate and Leaving Certificate

2.   Driver

This job title mainly involves being a delivery driver to any of their branches’ trucks.

General Requirements

  •  Valid Kenyan I.D
  • KCSE Results Certificate and Leaving Certificate
  • Valid Driver’s License (Class BCE)
  • A driving experience of at least five years in heavy commercial vehicles or Semi-articulate trucks.
  • A Good Conduct certificate with at least six months of validity

Unfortunately, this job title is unsuitable for those who have recently completed secondary due to the required work experience years.

However, any form four leaver with heavy truck work experience should highly consider applying whenever the opportunity arises.

3.   Delivery Unloading Personnel

This job involves accompanying the truck delivery driver; the main task is to unload the merchandise to the company’s customers, mainly the retail outlets and shops selling Coca-Cola sodas.

 General Requirements

  • Valid Kenyan I.D
  • KCSE Results Certificate and Leaving Certificate

4.    Cleaners

Their main task is maintaining high hygiene standards by cleaning the firm’s working stations, compound, washrooms, and any other place assigned by the supervisor.

General Requirements

  •  Valid Kenyan I.D
  • KCSE Results Certificate and Leaving Certificate

Essential Information to Help You Apply and Get a Job at Coca-cola as a Form Four Leaver

Since you are now aware of the type of jobs available for high school leavers at Coca-Cola, you need to know where you can find them and the necessary steps to help secure the job.

Where To Find These Jobs

One surest way to enable you to know the available opportunities is by visiting the Kenyan Coca-cola website, which lists them on the platform.

They also advertise them in Kenyan newspapers and online job boards such as;

Vital Tips To Follow When Applying

The firm expects candidates to submit a detailed resume/CV, copies of their academic certificates, and a cover letter.

These are the primary documents required; So, failure to include any of them will result in instant disqualification.

To make your job application more appealing, you must include your character traits, previous work experience, and any special skills you possess that may prove you’re the best fit for the position.

To avoid falling into the trap of con artists that may persuade you to pay them a certain fee to guarantee your chances of getting a job at the firm, its vital to note that you should only submit your application to Coca-Cola’s official recruitment portal in Kenya.

Crucial Interview Tips To Consider

When your application meets their requirements, their human resources personnel will call you to invite you for an interview.

You must know that the company will never ask you to pay anything during the interview.

Some of the vital tips that will increase your success chances include;

  • Carry original copies of the application documents to present to the hiring managers. They will enable you to prove the authenticity of your attached copies.
  • Always be presentable (in terms of personal grooming and hygiene)
  • Be articulate when addressing the interviews. This includes using the Kenyan official languages (English or Kiswahili) when communicating/answering questions.

Final Remarks

When you follow all these tips, you’ll be in a better position to secure a job at Coca-cola (as a form four leaver).

Therefore, don’t be scared or discouraged to try your luck.

I wish you the best in your endeavors and hope you get the job.

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