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What Does Diane Pol Jr Do For A Living?

Diane Pol Jr, a 50-year-old American celebrity reality TV star, is the eldest daughter to Dr. Jan Pol, the incredible mind behind the award-winning TV show The Incredible Dr Pol.  

Diane is famous for acting in two episodes of her father’s show and sharing her experiences on a weightless journey freely on social media. 

What does Diane Pol Jr do for a living and where is she now?

Director of Sales Director at Holiday Inn & Suites Mount Pleasant

 According to Heightline  Diane Pol Jr currently works as a sales director at Holiday Inn & Suites Mount Pleasant in Michigan.

Diane previously started as a technical writer at Oracle Hospitality as her first career.

She later joined the Holiday Inn & Suites Mount Pleasant company, where she started as an assistant manager and worked her way up to a manager and director of sales.

Diane Jr.’s current professional status as a director speaks much about her hard work and motivation to reach her career goals.

Diane Pol Jr.  Is a TV Personality

As a daughter to Dr. Jan Pol, the producer of  “The Incredible Dr Pol’’  reality TV show which talks about Pol ‘s veterinary services for large farm animals in Michigan,  Diane appears on several TV shows from time to time.

 It is important to note that Diane rose to fame after acting in her father’s show in two episodes from 2013-2016.

Today, she is a media personality and has two television credits in her own right.

Diane Is an Advocate of Weight Loss Journey Online

 Diane Jr. Pol’s frequent posts on social media about weight loss motivate many people with weight loss problems.

Thus, it is true that Diane Pol Jr. has adopted advocacy of weight loss as a way of living.

Diane did suffer from obesity and attempted a variety of weight-loss treatments.

She has been open about her weight loss struggle on social media platforms and admits that it is not easy to do as it requires commitment and patience.

Diane agreed to the surgery approach after resolving to lose weight using this approach.

In addition to the surgery, she had to follow a strict diet plan and take medicine.

Even though Diane has not revealed how much weight she shed, she still struggles and wishes to lose more.

Her weight loss journey and experiences are what is motivating other people struggling with obesity.

Where is Diane Jr. Pol now?

Diane Pol Jr currently lives in Weidman, Michigan with his fiancé, Ryan Lapham.  

Ryan proposed in 2020 and Diane talk proudly about her love of life on social media platforms.

In a recent Twitter post, she talks about how she is excited to lose weight so that she can fit in her wedding dress nicely as a short-term goal and hopes to continue eating healthy for a healthy and happier life as a long term goal.

It is correct to say that Diane Pol Jr. is not only an American reality TV celebrity but also an advocate that modern society needs.

Diane frequently talks about weight loss and shares her journey in losing weight openly despite the various perceptions on the topic of weight loss today.

It is obvious that gaining a healthy body weight will bring so much joy to Diane Pol Jr.

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