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Which Tribe Is Good In Bed In Kenya?

Truthfully speaking, bedroom affairs play a vital role in strengthening relationships and marriages.

They spice up the couple’s lives and help them establish an emotional connection.

When looking for a partner, most single people want someone who can make their romantic life interesting and exciting. 

Some do not even mind good looks or financial stability as long as their potential partner is a beast or expert in bedroom matters.

Most women, for example, want a man with a well-endowed manhood.

For example, men prefer women who don’t shy from trying new things in the bedroom.

The question is, which Kenyan tribes have the best-performing men and women regarding intimate affairs?

Here is a breakdown of the top-ranking tribes:


Luo men do not disappoint in the bedroom, which explains why ladies remain bitter after a breakup with a Luo man.

Their prowess in bed is why you will find ladies hesitating to leave a relationship even after learning they are being cheated on.

Men aside, Luo women also do not joke in the bedroom.

Men mostly like them because of their curves and hard work during love-making.

To return the favor, you need to take good care of your Luo wife because they love fine things in life.

They will not hesitate to dump you if you fail to meet their lifestyle needs. 


You can never talk about bedroom affairs and leave out the Kamba tribe.

Kamba women are good in bedminton and beautiful, the perfect combination that most men prefer.

These ladies have mastered the art of intimacy and do not wait for the men to initiate bedroom games.

As a man, you need to eat healthy and aphrodisiac foods like Njahi and Njugu Karanga to satisfy a Kamba woman in p’[‘\bed.

Kamba ladies do not waste their time on men who do not satisfy them in bed, as they will hop to the next available man.

You need strength to keep up with their love-making appetite.


If you are looking for a full-package woman, go for a Taita woman.

They Cook heavenly meals, have good looks, and are hardworking in bed.

They know how to love their men and fulfill their marital needs.

You can never gamble with a Taita woman because they understand their roles and take them seriously. 


The Somali tribe has very handsome men, and their prowess in bed is admirable too.

Suppose you know the likes of Hon. Alinur Mohammed and Hassan Joho, who were both linked to Betty Kyallo some time back, then you know that these men are good-looking.

Add bedroom talent to their good looks, and you get a full package.

Remember that if you decide to marry them and do not belong to their tribe, you’ll be required to change your religion.

You also need to bear the fact that they are polygamous without apologies. 


Some women think Maasai men are pastoralists who do not have time to spend with their wives.

The truth is that wealthy Maasai men hire people to look after their livestock while they spend time with their families.

They have enough energy to make you scream your lungs out in the bedroom because they feed well on meat and milk.

Behind the loose lesos are men with well-packaged work tools in the bedroom, so don’t dismiss them the next time you come across them.


Luhya men and women are known bedroom bullies, given their energy from routine heavy feeding.

If you decide to date a Luhya, ensure that your energy matches theirs because they stay energized in matters of the bed.

Luhya women and men do not complicate their love lives and are always ready to perform in bed without giving flimsy excuses. 

Bottom line

Besides considering tribes with good partners in bed, you can also learn to communicate with your partner to become good lovers.

Some people suffer in relationships and marriages because they are shy to communicate their needs to their partners for fear of being judged.

You should embrace communication so that you know what your partner likes best, and they can also learn what you would love them to do to you during those pleasurable moments. 

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