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Kikuyu Women: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

As evidenced in the entertainment industry, social media, and the community, Kikuyu women are gorgeous.

 I’m continuously surprised to uncover that most Kenyan celebrities known by their stage names are, in fact, Kikuyus.

There have been a lot of stereotypes going around regarding Kikuyu women.

 I’ll admit some of the things they say about us are true, but most of it is pure crap.

I know what you must be thinking. “Of course, you’d say that. You’re a Kikuyu, after all.”

While that is true, I will just come forward and say it: being a Kikuyu was not something I was very proud of.

Being part of Kikuyu, I grew up hearing very negative things about my ethnicity, especially the characters in women.

That made me bitter at my grandmother for marrying a Kikuyu; I couldn’t believe I was tied to such a group of women for life.

But over time, as I grew and matured, I came to know the truth.

Well, there are some facts I’m not very proud of, but what ethnic group is perfect?

I’ve only shared this to help you understand why I’m the best at giving unbiased and factual information regarding this group of people.

By the time you get to the end of the post, you will have the working knowledge of how to interact with a Kikuyu woman and what to expect before approaching one.

But I believe it’s noteworthy to mention that each individual is different and unique.

And some personality traits and characters we pick up growing up depending on the kind of family, environment, or community we grew up in.

This post gives a generalized perspective of a Kikuyu woman, meaning it doesn’t touch on an individual, as we will discuss later.

People prefer hearing the good first, so let’s start with the pros of a Kikuyu woman.

The Good

1. They Are Beautiful

As I mentioned earlier, Kikuyu women are pretty.

Their jaw perfectly aligns with their cheekbone, and they have some of the sweetest voices you will ever hear.

People say that when ‘Shiru’ calls a man, her voice is enough to make him grant all of her wishes.

Despite this being a positive attribute, it has its downside because their beauty is what they use to lure married men.

2. They Are Hardworking

A Kikuyu woman never rests, honestly. She wakes up early, cleans the house, and prepares breakfast before anyone else gets out of bed.

Allow me to point out that this is a working woman we’re talking about here.

So, she’ll still get ready for work before dawn, and she’ll get back home before or right after dark.

She’s exhausted, but she will have some energy left to get in the kitchen and prepare dinner.

Some are lucky to have hired help around the house, but even then, there is a lot she feels the need to do herself.

This makes them very strong women, and that spirit is the reason a Kikuyu woman doesn’t marry lazy men.

And those who find themselves with good-for-nothing men have little to no respect for him.

3. They Make The Best Moms

Kikuyu women love their kids to death. She always makes sure her children wear the best outfits even when she cannot afford to dress herself.

They also know how to keep their children well-fed. Talk about the cheekiest kids you will ever see!

A Kikuyu woman wakes up early to prepare a nutritious meal for her children.

Regardless of where they are, be it at home or traveling, there is always homemade food nearby.

Kikuyu women are also very protective of their children, so they get into fights and confrontations with their neighbors as they come to the defense.

4. They Are Supportive

I know R. Kelly sang that ‘when a woman loves, she loves for real,’ but I think it should have been, ‘when a Kikuyu woman loves…’

When I was a kid, my dad lost his job, and my mom stepped in and cared for our needs.

She’d pay rent and bills, buy food and everything else we needed, and pay for my brothers’ school fees until dad finally got the job he wanted.

A Kikuyu woman will hold your hand till you can stand on your own feet.

 They also have amazing investment ideas that have raised the standards of the men in their lives.

The Bad

Kikuyu women are the most stereotyped ethnic group in Kenya, and to some extent, it’s for a good reason.

Let’s now discuss the cons and why people have such strong opinions about them.

1. They Are Proud

Kikuyu women are known to be snobs. How many times have you ever been ignored while innocently saying hi?

She’ll run a look at you from head to toe before deciding if you are worth their time.

Perhaps being harassed for their beauty is the reason they are so aggressive.

What’s worse is they show this attitude to their fellow women.

2. They Have A Poor Body Shape

You most likely have heard the phrase “size 9” somewhere in the streets.

People have always worked with the notion that Kikuyu women have large breasts and a huge tummy, with no hips or ass.

Women worldwide have all sorts of body shapes, which aren’t necessarily linked to their ethnicity.

Modern-day Kikuyu women have committed to maintaining fit bodies through dieting and exercise.

And even those not blessed with fine bodies have an acquired taste in fashion that leaves them still looking hot.

3. They Are Terrible Cooks

Let’s face facts: You can’t be good in everything, and the Mt. Kenya region women are considered terrible cooks.

Their type of dish is one where they put everything in a sufuria, pour water and some salt and oil, and boil it till it’s overcooked.

Truth be told, most of my Kikuyu friends are not great cooks.

And even those who are good barely have time to prepare a fancy meal as they juggle between secular work and household chores.

But those with some time in their hands can make delicious meals, unlike the popular belief.

4. They Are Gold Diggers

Kikuyu women are believed to be real gold miners in men.

Whether she is dating or not, everything else fades when she spots a guy with some good money.

But most women are that way, not necessarily Kikuyu women.

A Kikuyu woman seeks to be successful and independent, all on her own, and she doesn’t need a man’s money to be successful.

If there are still Kikuyu women who give the impression that we are gold-diggers, those must still be young and naive, which is how a significant number of young girls are.

5. They Give Harsh Discipline

While a Kikuyu woman is very loving to her children, she is harsh when giving discipline.

The discipline we received as kids is why we became responsible adults.

When it comes to giving punishment, they care less about where they hit or how much negative impact it has on their children.

The ugly

Kikuyu women are also said to have an ugly side. These negative traits go way beyond the negative, and I’ll tell you why.

1. Potential Husband Killers

Any conversation in Kenya around the bad side of Kikuyu women will always start or end with one grave accusation: that they kill their husbands when bored with them to grab and enjoy their property.

Yes, you read that right…there’s a widespread belief that Kikuyu women from specific regions like Kabete, Kiambu, and Nyeri are more likely to be involved in killing their husbands.

The belief has instilled such fear surrounding Kikuyu women that even parents, including those within the Kikuyu community, often caution their sons against marrying these women.

It is rumored that women from central Kenya have been covertly causing harm to their husbands through various means, including adulterating their food with materials like steel wire, cement, and sodium peroxide.

Although concrete statistics are lacking, the driving forces behind these murders are believed to involve motives such as wealth, infidelity, gender-based violence, provocation, and love.

However, I must emphasize that it’s unfair to stereotype all Kikuyu women from specific regions as potential murderers.

While news reports often highlight cases of Kikuyu women being accused of murder, we have to remember that such tragic incidents occur all across the nation.

Still, I cannot ignore the fact that the number of alleged spousal murders involving Kikuyu women has been disturbingly on the rise in recent years.

The gravity of this issue is undeniable.

See, whenever we hear of a Kenyan woman being accused of killing her spouse or partner, there’s a high probability that she’s Kikuyu.

Even worse, cases involving men’s privates being cut off often link back to Kikuyu women, with Nyeri often mentioned.

The long and the short of it is that not all Kikuyu women should be labeled as potential spouse killers.

However, the frequency of such reports in central Kenya raises important questions that deserve attention and open discussion.

2. They Gossip A Lot

Women generally love to gossip. But Kikuyu women, when left idle, will know all the happenings of the village and neighborhood.

They effectively spread rumors and can hardly keep a secret.

There are many scandals among Kikuyu women who relate closely to each other.

A Kikuyu woman will visit your house, not because she cares much, but to uncover negative things about you that she can spread to others.

Wrap Up

Kikuyu women are a unique breed. They have many good qualities worth imitating, and the best thing about their flaws is that they are easy to navigate.

The modern Kikuyu woman is far different from the traditional one.

With the change in gender role dynamics, she has become more aware of herself and has more room for personal growth.

Despite her weaknesses, a Kikuyu woman is a damn fine woman to be around.

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