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Richest Governors in Kenya Right Now (2023)

Becoming a governor in Kenya is one of the quickest ways to become rich, given the heft monthly salary and accompanying allowances.

Kenyan governors earn close to a million every month.

However, some governors have more than one source of income—some have businesses and big companies running in the background.

Others were previously Senators and Parliament members, also well-paying jobs.

It is safe to say that some governors have accumulated more wealth than others.

To know who is who, here is a list of the wealthiest Kenyan governors presently:

1. Ann Waiguru

Waiguru is serving her second term as Kirinyaga County Governor.

The governor is also earning additional income from her role as the current chairperson of the Council of Governors.

She previously worked in Uhuru Kenyatta’s cabinet for the devolution docket, a time when the misappropriation of NYS funds happened.

Approximated to be worth 2.87 billion Kenyan shillings, Ann also previously worked for Uhuru before he became the president.

Besides her government salary, Anne has also invested in real estate and other income-generating ventures.

2. Anyang’ Nyongo

Anyang’ is in his second term as Kisumu County governor.

He was the county’s senator before giving the governor seat a try.

Having been in active politics since the early 1990s, Anyang has served in several government dockets as a Minister and MP.

He has so far accumulated wealth worth 2 billion Kenyan shillings.

Anyang is also an accomplished author and the father to the Oscar-winning actress Luputa Nyongo.

He also runs his businesses away from the political roles entrusted to him.

3. Johnson Sakaja

Sakaja is a promising young man in the world of politics.

He is the governor of Nairobi at just 37, meaning he has a lot of time to accomplish bigger political dreams, even vying for the presidency.

Sakaja ventured into active politics back in 2013 when he was nominated to the Parliament by the TNA coalition.

He would then compete for the senatorial seat in 2017 and win, and later go for the governor’s seat in 2022 and clinch it.

He has amassed significant wealth during his stint in the political arena.

Not to be mistaken, Sakaja was a hard worker before he joined politics.

He has a consultancy business, and his current fortune ranges between $3-5$ million.

4. Susan Kihika

Another young go-getter in Kenyan politics, Susan, has risen to three political ranks in three election periods.

She started as a women’s rep for Nakuru County, became a senator, and now she has the county’s plum job, governor.

Susan lived a privileged life since she is from a well-off family, and the political roles entrusted to her over the years have helped her gain more wealth.

She has invested in real estate and agriculture, and her overall net worth ranges between $1-$6 million. 

5. George Natembeya

Natembeya became a popular name when serving as a regional commissioner for the Rift Valley due to his comic approach in public addresses.

It was a shocking surprise when he announced that he was resigning from his commissioner job to join politics.

Still, Kenyans knew that he had a higher chance of clinching the Uasin Gishu Gubernatorial seat given his popularity.

He did win and is the current governor of Uasin Gishu county.

He has accumulated property worth between $1-$2 million in the time he has served as a civil servant and now a governor.

It is worth noting that Natembeya was also previously a District Officer and a personal assistant to the late John Michuki. 

6. Kimani Wamatangi

The current Governor of Kiambu County, Wamatangi previously held the senatorial role.

He was also part of parliamentary committees while in the Senate.

Kimani has investments in real estate, hospitality, and technology.

He also runs a charity foundation, using his wealth to help the less fortunate.

His wealth is estimated between $1-$3 million.

7. Ken Lusaka

Ken Lusaka is serving his second term as Bungoma’s governor.

He first became the county’s governor in 2012 but was unseated during 2017’s general elections.

He, however, made his way to the senate as the speaker, where he earned a monthly salary of 1.1 million Kenyan shillings, more than he had lost for the governor’s seat.

His comeback as the county’s governor is set to increase his fortune.

He was the governor when Bungoma’s 100,000 per wheelbarrow expenditure hit the headlines in the country.

He has a fortune worth $5 million.

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