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Tribes with the Best Husbands in Kenya

Biblically, marriage is intended to last a lifetime for the people involved.

However, it currently faces its biggest threat: divorce and separation.

This revelation leaves most men and women anticipating marrying or getting married one day, asking themselves if it is worth trying. 

If you are a woman looking forward to being someone’s wife in the near future, this guide will prove helpful as it dissects tribes that produce the best husband materials.

Talking of best husbands, you look at qualities such as providing for their families, being romantic, generous, and loving, among other positive traits.

Luo Men

Men from the Luo land have all the qualities most ladies look for in a man.

Apart from their romantic side, they are educated, eloquent, and generous.

Some ladies may disagree and say that Luo men are heartbreakers, which to some extent may be accurate, but that doesn’t rule out that some of them make the best husbands when committed to making a marriage work. 

They are go-getters who do not stop at anything to give their families quality and lavish life, a trait that has made women have a soft spot for them.

Luo men care for their wives in all aspects, such as salon needs, clothing, a good house, and holiday trips. They also take their children to quality schools. 

Luhya Men

The Luhya tribe is popularly known for its food-loving people, which comes in handy for their men.

Luhya men are strong, and we all know that one of the most critical traits women look for in a potential husband is the ability to defend and protect themselves and their children.

On top of that, Luhya men are hard workers who strive to provide for their families.

You also don’t have to worry about their bedroom antics because word out there is that men from this tribe know how to satisfy their partners, leaving them begging for more. 

Amidst all these lovable qualities of the Luhya men, it is worth noting that some of them steer towards polygamy.

So as you welcome the thought of being wedded to a Luhya man, bear in mind that you may not be his one and only wife.

How about asking him about his polygamy stand while dating to avoid disappointments?

Well, that may not be an issue for some women as long as all their needs are met.

Kikuyu Men

For a minute, forget all the negative things you have heard about Kikuyu men and focus on their brighter side.

Kikuyu men are generally industrious and always looking for life-changing opportunities.

In their quest for money, they may have little or limited time to spend with their loved ones, requiring you, as a lady of the house, to understand the nature of his work.

Most of them strive to find time amidst their busy schedules to be with their families. 

Their absence is justified because the wife is taken care of at the end of the day, and the children are well-fed, educated, and clothed. 

On their downside, Kikuyu men may be industrious, but some may love the bottle too much, shifting their attention from the family.

Some end up deep into alcohol consumption, which affects the family finances.

Additionally, some Kikuyu men do not shy away from embracing polygamy.

Taita Men

Ever wondered if coastal men can make good husbands?

Taita men love their families and prioritize them in all they do.

They are hardworking, always ensuring their families are well-fed and protected.

However, Taita men do not come easy.

Finding yourself a Taita man may prove difficult because they have protective mothers who will not easily let their sons go.

You are left with the task of winning over the man and his mother for marriage. 


The Maasai tribe is another worth-considering ethnic group when looking for a husband to spend the rest of your life with.

Top of the list of what makes them suitable lifetime partners include wealth, providers, and protectors.

Maasai men are instilled courage and bravery during their initiation, which helps them protect their families and livestock from harm. 

Widely known as cattle keepers, the Maasai can trade part of their livestock for a lot of money, enabling them to cater to other family needs, such as educating children.

Getting married into the Maasai land would also provide an opportunity to immerse into their fascinating culture and be informed about their polygamy mindset and the probability of having a co-wife or several of them.

Kalenjin Men

Kalenjin men are humble, hardworking, and intelligent, making them good husband materials.

They play the father and husband figure role very perfectly.

They are shy when approaching ladies, so you should forget about playing hard to get if interested in a Kalenjin man.

Some are dominating and barely allow their wives to contribute when making critical family decisions. 

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