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Worst Tribes to Marry in Kenya

The marriage institution has its fair share of controversies and challenges too.

Cases of divorce, for instance, continue to thrive, making many believe marriage is overrated.

Divorce or marriage separation mainly stems from infidelity, physical and emotional abuse, and other reasons.

Besides, it is general knowledge that some tribes do not make good marriage partners.

That’s to say that if you avoid marrying from the said tribes, your marriage can thrive.

So, which are these Kenyan tribes that should not cross your mind when looking for a partner to do life with? 


Kikuyu is a fascinating tribe. If you want to get rich quickly, find a Kikuyu partner, but there is no assurance that they won’t get tempted to get rid of you and take over your property.

Kikuyu is one of the tribes in Kenya that is always in the headlines for marriages or relationships gone wrong.

Women from this tribe are widely known for murdering or scheming to eliminate their husbands for inheritance reasons.

It is from the same tribe, with ladies spiking drinks for men in clubs to steal from them, and not forgetting the Nyeri cases where women chopped off their partner’s private parts on different occasions. 

Enough with the women; what about Kikuyu men?

Well, sorry to bust your bubble if you were looking forward to getting hitched to a Kikuyu man.

Why? Kikuyu men are money-oriented and business-centered, meaning they hardly have time for you as a partner.

They will give you a comfortable lifestyle, but with little attention.

They are always looking for the next deal, contract, and anything that smells of money.

If you are the kind of lady that values attention, forget about the Kikuyu man. 

The next trait that disqualifies men from this tribe as marriage potentials is their drunkard nature.

Men from parts like Muranga are known to drink themselves silly and are mainly on the news for turning blind after imbibing some methanol-concentrated alcohol.

Enough with the Kikuyu tribe; let’s hop to the next tribe you should watch out for.


Jealousy, domineering, and hot-tempered perfectly describe Kisii men.

The men are very controlling. You would think you are an expensive asset they always have to guard.

The men pretend to be romantic during the initial stages of a relationship, but as it progresses, they start showing their true controlling and jealous colors. 

They want to know where you are all the time, who you are with, and who you talk to on the phone.

The men also get angry quickly; in most cases, anger causes them to become physical.

If you love yourself, you should avoid Kisii men like the plague.


Meru women and men are hard workers and potential marriage partners but are hot-tempered.

They hardly contain their emotions when wronged, making your relationship or marriage miserable.

One moment, you could be laughing your lungs out with your partner, and the next minute they could be brandishing a panga over your head. 

The Tigania people in Meru are mostly known for slashing Miraa thieves using pangas without a second thought.

Easily angered partners are the kind that gives you silent treatment instead of solving the issue at hand.

You better think twice before rushing to marry or get married to a Merian. 


Both genders apply in this tribe.

Luo Men are romantic but certified heartbreakers in equal measure.

Most ladies dating Luo men do not see the heartbreak coming because the men are very good at blindsiding them with romance, extravagant goodies, and vacations.

You will be there thinking you are the only woman in his life, only to find out that there are several of you.

Lucky for you if you will not have contracted an STI after discovering that you are not the only fish in his Lake Victoria.

On the other hand, Luo women hate poverty, and very few of them can tolerate a financially struggling man.

They are used to being spoiled by their male counterparts, so you must be heavy-pocketed to maintain and retain the Luo woman.

Additionally, if you are lucky enough to get a Luo woman who doesn’t fancy a lavish lifestyle, chances are she doesn’t like cleanliness.

These are known for using the same basin that cleans utensils to take a bath and other related stories.


Kamba ladies are generally beautiful, but on the downside, they are unfaithful.

They like men and can hardly stay single.

Dating or marrying a Kamba lady is like signing up for heartbreak because staying faithful to their partners is barely in the DNA.

If you are lucky to get a trustworthy Kamba lady, you will need to put extra effort into ensuring her conjugal needs are well-catered; otherwise, she will wander. 

More importantly, we cannot talk about the Kamba tribe and not mention witchcraft.

A Kamba babe can enchant you and make it hard for you to leave her when she disrespects or cheats on you.


If you are a lady who values herself and wouldn’t tolerate having a co-wife, avoid getting married to Maasai men.

They are polygamous and do not hesitate to marry more than one wife, with or without your consent. 


The information above doesn’t dispute that you can find a suitable partner from the highlighted tribes.

It only sheds light on their general perception, proven true from real-life experiences.

That said, you should use the dating period to learn a person’s character and never ignore the red flags. 

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