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Recruitment Agencies in Kenya for Kuwait Jobs 

Are you toying with looking for greener pastures in the Middle East?

Or have you decided to work in a country like Kuwait, where there is a pool of job opportunities for foreigners?

Contacting a reputable recruitment agency is the starting point for those looking for such jobs.

You have probably heard heartbreaking stories of Kenyans’ experiences with some recruitment agencies. 

Not all recruitment agencies operate with the sole mandate of helping Kenyans secure jobs abroad.

Some have been exposed to be after the money of vulnerable and desperate job seekers.

Additionally, some agencies block Kenyans after getting them abroad, making them inaccessible when things go south.

Which recruitment agencies can you rely on for Kuwait jobs?

Below are seven agencies you can choose from for a smooth Kuwait relocation:

Forbes Global

Founded in 2007, Forbes Global is an agency that helped scores of Kenyans find jobs in Kuwait and other destination countries overseas.

The agency offers a wide selection of jobs for applicants looking to work in Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and more.

The agency helps contract jobs like airport attendants, drivers, accountants, house helpers, security guards, etc.

Phone Number/s: 07 769 133 847, 07 713 089 553, 07 769 133 837

Email Address:Email: [email protected],  marketing@forbesgbl 


Location: Embassy House, Nairobi

Harpers Management

Those interested in doing hospitality jobs in Kuwait can rely on Harpers Management.

Founded in 2011, they are dedicated and effective in helping their clients navigate their way into employment in Kuwait and other countries in the Middle East, such as Lebanon and Qatar.

Phone Number/s: 07 724 843 404, 07 722 733 727

Email Address: [email protected] 


Location: Rehema Place, Apartment D22, Ngong Road. 

Gulf Manpower

Gulf Manpower has been at the forefront of connecting Kenyans with abroad jobs that match their skills since its establishment in 2007.

They render their recruitment services to all Kenyans with various qualifications, whether entry-level or professional skills.

Gulf Manpower has a straightforward and transparent recruitment process that applicants can rely on.

Phone Number/s: 07 774 052 398, 07 722 304 787

Email Address: [email protected] 


Location: Watersys Annex, 3rd floor, Tubman Road, Nairobi 

Al-Jamana Agency Limited

Your dream to work in Kuwait or other Gulf countries can become a reality through Al-Jamana Agency Limited.

The agency prides itself in linking Kenyans looking for jobs abroad with ready employers in Kuwait.

Al-Jamana helps Kenyans with skills like nursing, driving, teaching, and house management find ready-to-start jobs in Kuwait.

Phone Number/s: 0708 993 333, 0769 020 233

Email Address: [email protected]


Location: 5th floor, New Gatakaini Building, Room 503

FSI Worldwide

FSI is a reputable recruitment company that has placed many Kenyans for work in their preferred countries.

Besides Kuwait, the agency is also trusted in linking Kenyans with jobs in the UK, Canada, Qatar, South America, and other countries.

Kenyans looking to work in Kuwait’s hospitality, construction, medical, and energy sectors can trust FSI Worldwide.

Phone Number/s: 0713 080 980

Email Address: [email protected] 


Location: CB2 Blixen Court, Off Karen Road, Nairobi

Plan Manpower Limited

Plan Manpower is among the recruitment companies in Kenya that have been in the game for over ten years.

The agency connects Kenyans with jobs in Kuwait in the hospitality, manufacturing, energy, and IT sectors.

 Interested candidates can reach Plan Manpower through:

Phone Number/s: 0719510505, 0722423275

Email Address: [email protected]


Location: 2nd Floor Development House, Room 22, Tom Mboya Street, Nairobi

Shanawa International

Shanawa comes through for Kenyans interested in entry-level positions like cleaners, drivers, waiters and waitresses, messengers, nannies, and security guards.

The recruitment bureau links with agencies in Kuwait, China, Bahrain, and Canada to place Kenyans in the country of their choice. 

Phone Number/s: 0721 251 609

Email Address: [email protected] 

Location: 1st Floor, Uniafric House, Koinange Street, Nairobi 

Kuwait Work Visa

If you’re planning to work in Kuwait, you’ll need to obtain a work visa.

This type of visa is issued by the Kuwaiti government and allows individuals to work and reside in the country.

Required Documents

To apply for a work visa, you’ll need to provide the following documents:

  • A valid passport (should be valid for at least 6 months before the expiration date)
  • A completed visa application (should be issued by the Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Passport-size photo
  • HIV/AIDS test result
  • Up-to-date health certificate from a reputed medical facility
  • Certificate of Good conduct or Police clearance certificate showing no criminal record.

Once you’ve submitted these documents, you’ll receive a “No Objection Certificate” (NOC), which will allow you to enter Kuwait.

Upon arrival, you’ll receive a residency visa and can apply for a Kuwait Civil ID within 30 days.

Work Visa Application Process

To obtain a work permit, your employer will apply to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, providing your personal information, passport copy, and NOC.

Once your work permit is approved, it will be sent to your employer, who will then send it to you.

You’ll also need to undergo a medical test at a clinic recognized by the Kuwaiti Consulate in Kenya.

Work Visa Fees

The cost of a Kuwait work visa may vary depending on your home country.

Expect to pay around KES 23,000 plus KES 3500 for police clearance validation.

The work permit and NOC should be submitted to Kuwait embassy. Below is their address:

Location: Muthaiga Road (Nairobi), Off Serengeti Avenue

Contacts: +254-376-1614/+254-376-7144

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]


How Much do Kenyans Working in Kuwait Earn?

It depends on the kind of job they are doing.

Domestic workers or housemaids, for instance, earn a minimum of 25,000 per month.

Other occupations like nurses, teachers, and caregivers pay more. 

Is It Easy to Find a Job in Kuwait?

With the right recruitment agency, finding a job in Kuwait is easy.

Kuwait’s healthcare, hospitality, and construction sectors have plenty of job opportunities for nationals and foreigners.

You need an agency that is updated on available openings to find a job you can comfortably execute.

Which Jobs are Most in Demand in Kuwait (for Kenyans)?

The primary job specialty for Kenyans in Kuwait revolves around hospitality. These jobs include cleaners, housemaids, baristas, waiters and waitresses, and messengers.

Kenyans can also find jobs in other sectors in Kuwait: construction, oil and gas, security, truck driving, and education.

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