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Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Kihenjo, the Comedian

It is impossible to talk about Kikuyu comedy without mentioning the name Kihenjo.

Kihenjo is one of the pioneers of Kikuyu comedy who has come a long way, his story being that of grass to grace.

He revealed in one of his shows at Kameme FM that he used to work as a houseboy before trying out comedy. 

Kihenjo, whose real name is Joel Mungai, has also stood the test of time when it comes to staying relevant in his craft.

Only a few comedians can last over the 25 years that Kihenjo has been in the entertainment industry and still break ribs with relatable content as he does.

If you are one of those who have known Kihenjo just the other day, this post will help you know how he started and the accomplishments he has made along the way.

Kihenjo Age

Kihenjo’s age is not in the public domain. However, he is probably over 40 years old since he has been entertaining for over 25 years.

Education Background

Little is known about Kihenjo’s educational background. He is, however, reported to have studied his secondary education at Nyahururu Boys High School.

Kihenjo’s Career

A lot has happened in Kihenjo’s career since his starting days when he performed comedy in the streets and sold his comedy CDs.

His trademark look of chalked beard and tattered clothes made him stand out at a time when comedy wasn’t perceived as an income source.

His comedy had a big impact because his CDs circulated in other parts of the country besides the Kikuyu community.

He garnered fame across the country during the days when social media hadn’t become a thing. 

Years later, when vernacular radio stations started sprouting, Kihenjo was scouted by Kameme FM.

He hosted the Canjamuka Show alongside Muthoni Wa Kirumba.

Kihenjo also hosted a show on Kameme TV called Njugwa ya Kihenjo.

Kihenjo worked at Kameme for 11 years until early this year, when he left the station and is yet to announce his next move.

Besides radio presenting, Kihenjo also performs in comedy shows and emcees at events like weddings, Ruracio, and other events.

Is Kihenjo married?

Kihenjo is a family man, but he prefers keeping family affairs private.

He has managed to keep his marriage out of the limelight for the two decades he has been a public figure.

He has never been spotted in public with his significant other or children.

The only wife his fans can relate to is ‘Majangwa,’ his comedy wife.

He joins celebrities like Maina Kageni, who have maintained keeping their families out of the public eye. 

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Kihenjo Salary and Other Income Sources

Kihenjo has made a fortune from his career.

He was reportedly earning KES 350,0000 at Kameme FM.

Kihenjo will earn more than what he was paid at Kameme if his reason for quitting had to do with being poached by another station.

Kameme has already replaced Kihenjo as his diehard followers wait for him to address his next move. 

Other income sources for Kihenjo include:

  • He has a YouTube channel called Kihenjo Original, where he shares comedy skits and other content. The channel has 71.6K subscribers. 
  • Social media influencing gigs where you will find him promoting land-selling companies on his Facebook page, among other types of businesses. 
  • Emceeing and comedy performance shows: Kihenjo is an accomplished emcee who makes over KES 70,000 per event. His weekends are busy, so he is either emceeing, performing, or doing both on different days. 
  • Businesses: Just like his family, Kihenjo keeps his businesses private. 

Kihenjo Car and Properties

Kihenjo drives, but his car’s model isn’t known because he does not flaunt it on social media like most celebrities and media personalities.

On property, Kihenjo owns several plots he has acquired from some of the land companies he promotes on social media, like Dhahabu Limited. 

Where is Kihenjo Working Now?

As of the time of writing this post, Kihenjo hadn’t announced if he would return to radio after leaving Kameme FM in January.

Speculations had it that Radio Africa’s Gukena FM had poached him, but he has yet to arrive at the station two months later.

His social media followers continue to pester him to reveal his plans while others share how they miss him on Radio and that he should return to Kameme.

Kihenjo will share his next move when the time is right. 

Other Hidden Facts about Kihenjo

  • His uniqueness comes from the fact that he never repeats a joke. He always invents new jokes.
  • He is undoubtedly the King of the Kikuyu Comedy.
  • He once, alongside other performers, had a gun pointed at them for asking for their pay after putting up a performance in a club, forcing them to scamper for their safety.

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