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Nyashinski Net Worth & Sources of Income Revealed

Real name Nyamari Ongegu, Nyashinski has been a household name in the entertainment industry since Kleptomaniax’s group dominance back in the day.

Like most music bands, the group split to pursue solo careers.

Nyashinski’s family would then relocate to the US, and he took the opportunity to take a break from the demanding music industry. 

Nyashinski made good money in the US as a delivery person and truck driver, but the lonely life made him consider returning home and resuming his rapping career.

Nyash returned to Kenya after a ten-year stint with his parent’s blessings.

Nyash caught his fans and critics by surprise after releasing hit after hit, including collaborations with huge names like Sauti Sol, something that most artists cannot pull off after a long hiatus from the music industry. 

Since his return home in 2016, Nyash has gone big on the mic and is one of the few Kenyan rappers who have managed to stay consistent and relevant.

Nyash’s music career has paid off immensely, making him one of the richest Kenyan rappers.

The father of two is the face of several brands that count on his popularity to make more money.

So, where exactly does Nyashinski’s money come from, and how much is he worth?

Nyashinski Income Sources

Nyashinski made a wise decision to re-invent himself musically because money has always flowed into his bank account.

The family man, who is married to a clothes designer Zia Bett, is laughing all the way to the bank courtesy of the following income sources:


This is Nyashinski’s main income source which is doing quite well.

You just need to visit his YouTube channel, which has 551K, to see the millions of views his music videos have garnered.

Kenyans make between Ksh100 and Ksh200 for 1000 YouTube views.

Nyashinski has several videos with over one million views, with his most viewed, Malaika, garnering 16 million views.

Simply put, one million views earn Nyash a minimum of 100K and a maximum of 200K.

His YouTube channel has over 40 videos, with 14 surpassing one million views.

Nyashinski’s music also enjoys quality streaming on platforms like Apple Music, Audiomack, BoomPlay, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

Additionally, the rapper enjoys massive airplay as his music is saturated in the Kenyan media, including TV and Radio stations.

Apart from YouTube earnings, Nyashinski also makes money as a performing artist.

He pulls off crowds in his concerts and events, as with Shin City, OktobaFest, and recently BlanketsandWine editions.

Nyash is reportedly paid above 500K to perform in events.

Another way Nyash makes money through music is by collaborating with other artists.

Besides Sauti Sol, Nyash has collaborated with entertainment bigwigs like Juma Jux, Yemi Alade, and AY.

While it’s unclear how much he charges for a collabo, an artist of his calibre is worth every penny because he is an accomplished lyricist with a guarantee of commanding attention.

Brands Endorsements

Brands have a thing for celebrities who command a quality following on social media, and Nyash is no exception.

His Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts have 738K, 171K and 607K followers, respectively.

The award-winning rapper’s fame has made him a brand magnet with the likes of Samsung and Johnnie Walker, international brands.

An artist at Nyashinshki’s level of success must be making a lot of money from such endorsement deals. 


Nyashinski is among Kenyan celebrities who barely flaunt their wealth on social media.

Such celebrities have investments running in the background and don’t see the need to publicize them.

Nyashinski’s lucrative music career leaves no doubt of him channeling a chunk of his earnings into long-term or short-term investments. 

The main reason why an artist like Nyash would pay attention to making investments in his prime career is that he will not rap his way into old age.

A time will come when he will slow down or step back from making music due to age or inability to keep up with the music industry dynamics.

Being a family man also catalyzes his need to invest because financial stability and diversity are key in raising and maintaining a home.

Nyashinski’s Properties: Houses, Cars, and Plots

As mentioned above, Nyash likes to keep his lifestyle private, making it hard for the public to know about his properties.

However, the musician has occasionally posted photos on his social media posing alongside flashy cars believed to be his.

It is also unclear where Nyash and his family lives, but it must be in some leafy suburb in Nairobi.

Nyashinski’s properties may remain hidden from the public eye, but his wife and mother of their two kids operates a high-end sustainable and fashionable clothing brand called ZIA Africa that ships worldwide. 

Nyashinski’s Networth

Nyashinski has accumulated a fortune that reportedly places his net worth between $1 million and $2 million.

His fortune has room for growth if he continues making bangers and bagging endorsement deals.

A performance tour abroad would also grow his earnings significantly.

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