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How to Join Athletics in Kenya

Ever wondered how you can join athletics in Kenya and proceed to become a world champion?

It takes more than just a mere desire to become a successful athlete in Kenya.

One needs the dedication, discipline and hard work to make it to the top cream.

In this post, I will share with you some of the basics things you need to know about joining athletics in Kenya.

Let’s dive right in…

Age Requirements

The minimum age to join athletics in Kenya is the primary school age group. That’s about seven years and above.

This was made possible by the unveiling of kids’ athletics programme in Athetics Kenya.

This category of athletes is recognized by Athletics Kenya, the government agency that governs track and field sports, as the 12 and Under category.

How to Apply To Join Athletics in Kenya

The application process is simple. Just download an athlete registration form from the Athletics Kenya website, fill in the required details and submit it to the federation’s offices at Riadha building along Aerodrome Road in Nairobi.

Once the officials approve your application to join Athletics Kenya, you can commence training at any of their designated venues.

For athletes who have attained the age of 18 and above, at the point of registration, a non-refundable fee of KES.500 is applied for ordinary membership.

For life membership, the proposed athlete has to pay a non-refundable nomination fee of KES.5, 000.

How to Find a Good Coach to Help You Join Athletics in Kenya

Getting a good professional athletics coach in Kenya is relatively easy. However, the coaches offer their training services at a fee which might be out of reach for many new athletes.

The good news is that you can get a volunteer coach to help you nurture your talent.

Volunteer coaches can be found online or at various athletics training organizations in the country.

Athletics Training Camps In Kenya

There are several athletics training camps in Kenya. The most well-known camps include:

  • The Kenya Athletics Training Academy (KATA) in Thika
  • Running training camps in Iten
  • Nandi County and training facilities in Ngong
  •  Kasarani and Nyayo stadiums.

How Long Does It Take To Become An Athlete In Kenya?

There is no specified duration for one to shine in athletics in Kenya.

The critical determinant factors are how well you train, discipline and determination to succeed in the highly competitive occupation.

How Much Do Athletes Earn In Kenya?

Kenyan athletes normally make money by winning cash prizes in competitions and through brand endorsements.

Emerging the winner at world renowned marathons such as the Berlin Marathon, Boston Marathon and the London Marathon can earn a Kenyan athlete as much as 6 million shillings.

Breaking a world record can earn an athlete an upward of 100 million shillings.

The Kenyan government has an award package of KES. 1 million for gold medalists, KES.700, 000 for silver and KES.500, 000.

Are There Opportunities For Foreigners To Join Athletics In Kenya?

Yes, foreigners have been training in athletics camps in Kenya for quite some time now.

The coaching fees are, however, usually higher than those changed for the locals.

Most foreign athletes train in Iten town in Nandi County, where they get to interact with some of the best Kenyan athletes.

Athletics Kenya Offices and Contacts

Athletics Kenya physical address is Riadha House, Aerodrome Road, Nairobi West.

You can send them an email via address [email protected] or contact them on mobile number +254 206 005 021 or +254 736 747 217.

Their offices are open from 8am to 5pm on Monday through Friday.

Being a government agency, they don’t conduct business over the weekends.

You can also follow them of Facebook and Twitter for regular updates on the goings on in the local athletic scene.

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