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Jackie Matubia Salary, Income Sources & Net worth 

Jackie Matubia is a household name in social media scenes and the entertainment industry.

She is an accomplished actress who started her acting career in Citizen’s popular show, Tahidi High, where her screen name was Jolene.

Jackie is a perfect example of grass to grace, and it has taken her hard work to become the powerhouse she is today.

If you didn’t know, Jackie left her past marriage penniless after her ex-husband swept the house they lived in with their daughter clean. 

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Left with an empty house and a daughter to clothe and feed, Jackie had to start her life afresh.

That was back in 2019, and within no time, Jackie became a regular face on our TVs.

The hallmark of her career came when she featured in Citizen’s drama series, Zora, and her acting prowess endeared her to many Kenyans.

With all these lucrative ventures, Jackie has made quite a fortune.

Jackie Matubia Salary

Currently (or as of the time of writing this post), Jackie doesn’t have a salaried job but gets her income from influencing, business, and youtube. 

So, let’s just focus on her income sources….

Jackie Matubia’s Income Sources 

Regarding Jackie’s flourishing career, which has been on an upward trajectory, the mom of two has multiple income streams.

She is a multi-faceted personality who can act, host TV shows, run a business, and create digital content.

Below is a breakdown of Jacqueline’s income sources:


She captured the attention of many with her talent when she joined the Tahidi High cast.

She then returned to our screens through Citizen TV’s Zora show, where her exemplary acting continued to shine.

She appeared in several episodes of the Zora drama series and made a lot of money while it lasted. She reportedly earned between 15k-20k per episode.

Her acting was recognized in the last year’s Women in Film Awards, where she was crowned best actress following her role in Zora.

Jackie may be returning to our screens again because she recently announced to her social media followers that she landed a leading role in a new project.

We hope that her upcoming leading role will earn her even money because Kenyan leading actors get paid 20k-30k per episode.

TV Shows Host

Besides acting, Jackie is a great host, which was prevalent in her short stint at Switch TV’s Chatspot.

She hosted the show alongside other ladies, where they would tackle trending celebrity stories and interview a celebrity figure.

Jackie left Switch TV to join Rembo TV to host E-Zone with Jackie. 


Jackie decided to join a crop of Kenyan celebrities who have ventured into business by opening a beauty parlour, fabulously_forward.

Her parlour specializes in manicures, pedicures, accessories, and hair braiding.

The price list showing the charges of different services at the parlour is for the heavy-pocketed, implying that she is making a killing from the venture.

Digital Content Creator

Jackie, who fits the description of a jack of all trades, is also a digital content creator with a flourishing YouTube channel that, when writing this article, has 180k subscribers, with each video averaging 100k views in a month.

She frequently posts content on the platform, sometimes alongside her fiance.

YouTube is an income source for most personalities in Kenya, and Jackie is reaping big from it.

Based on online calculators, the channel is earning about Ksh. 100000 per month plus a whopping Ksh. 70000 from sponsorships.

So, we can safely say that Jackie earns Ksh. 170K-250K per month from this channel alone.

Brand Influencer

Another aspect of Jackie’s career is her social media influencing role, where brands reach out to her for endorsement deals on her social media accounts, where she boasts a huge following.

Visiting her Instagram profile, for example, you will find several posts where she is promoting businesses like restaurants, interior design and decor brands, clothing brands, tissue brands, pho ne brands, etc. 

Celebrities with many followers, like Jackie, charge an average of 100k per post when promoting brands on social media.

Jackie Matubia’s Networth

AS you can see, Jackie is living her dream life given the several sources of income Jackie currently enjoys.

She has accumulated significant wealth from the TV shows she has graced in recent years, her brand-influencing gigs, YouTube content creation, and her business.

Jackie’s net worth is projected at $100 million.

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