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Thee Pluto Net Worth and Income Sources

You probably know Thee Pluto, the Chief Sanitizer, for his shows about love and fidelity on Youtube.

However, how well do you know his net worth and sources of income?

As of the end of 2022, Thee Pluto’s net worth was over Ksh 80 million ($ 600, 0000)

Thee Pluto’s loyalty test show has been the primary foundation of his wealth. The show’s amazing episodes have made him popular, thus creating a special brand. As a result, this content creator currently gets his earnings from multiple sources.

In this post, you will discover the leading income sources of Thee Pluto and the properties leading to his net worth.

Diving deeper:

Thee Pluto’s Sources of Income

  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Tiktok
  • Real Estate
  • Farming


Like many other content creators, Youtube is among the main source of income for Thee Pluto.

Thee Pluto makes much cash with over 700k subscribers on his Youtube channel.

Thee Pluto’s Youtube channel also has over 800 videos and counting.

On overage, he gets to post about 3 videos daily. The consistency in his channel aids when it comes to the average monthly income from this single source.

Furthermore, The Chief Sanitizer also has another Youtube channel.

Thee Pluto’s second Youtube channel has over 70k subscribers. Despite being new and among his latest projects, the channel has 87 videos and counting.

Many people subscribing to his new channel play a significant role in earnings.

On average, Thee Pluto uploads around two weekly videos on this new Youtube channel.

Despite the fewer video uploads than the main channel, he still earns a significant amount here.

With both his channels, Thee Pluto makes around Ksh 700k monthly. Furthermore, he recently revealed he made a whooping Ksh 9 million in 2022.

So, Youtube proves to be among his main income sources.


Thee Pluto has many subscribers on Youtube. The number of subscribers can give you a glimpse of his Instagram followers.

Currently, this content creator has 543k Instagram followers and counting.

Different companies like Hodari Homes and Safaricom hire him to help them sell their products.

From each advert on his Instagram posts, Thee Pluto can earn from around Ksh 2000 to Ksh 7000.

This content creator can also charge more depending on the increase of viewers of his posts.

By the end of the month or year, the earnings per post usually add up to huge amounts.


Facebook is also among the major sources of income of Thee Pluto.

With a whopping 930k followers, his Facebook page works almost the same as Instagram.

This content creator uses his page to endorse people’s products and earn commissions.

Like on Instagram, the Chief Sanitizer can also charge business owners per post.

In this case, he earns almost the same amount as on his Instagram.


While still on social media earnings, Thee Pluto also makes lots of money on Tiktok.

He has over 800k followers on his Tiktok page. With this many followers, marketing is always a huge deal for him.

Therefore, Tiktok also plays a role in his overall earnings. On this platform, this content creator markets products of different companies, like on Facebook.

He can sometimes create small videos with relevant content for customers’ sites and earn commissions.

Real Estate

Apart from social media and marketing, this content creator also makes money from real estate.

His real estate business began in 2019, and to this date, it has been among his main income sources.


As crazy as it may sound, Thee Pluto is a farmer too.

He makes money from his sheep and pigs, like his other sources.

One of his Swahili slogans says, “ukulima sio ushamba.” This simply means that he embraces farming as a source of wealth.

Properties that Thee Pluto Owns

From the money that this content creator makes, he has managed to acquire several properties, including:

  • Prado TX
  • Five bedroom mansion

Prado TX

Among his car collections, Thee Pluto owns a Landcruiser Prado TX, which he recently acquired.

Costing over Ksh 5 million, his car proves to stand out among the wealthiest content creators in East Africa.

Five Bedroom Mansion

Thee Pluto owns a five-bedroom mansion at Juja estate in Nairobi.

Estimating to have cost over Ksh 10 million in construction, this house falls among the iconic landmarks in the area.


Thee Pluto’s net worth puts him in the bracket with the wealthiest creators in Kenya.

With his multiple sources of income, from Youtube to farming, it’s evident that he smiles to the bank.

Properties like his beautiful mansion and Prado T.X prove his hard work in multiple fields.

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