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Diana Bahati Networth, Income Sources, and Property

Diana Bahati rose from being Bahati’s video vixen to the mother of his children and a go-getter in the entertainment industry.

She refused to stay behind her husband’s shadow, who has been famous since he released his first Gospel hit, and decided to make a name for herself, something she has over accomplished. 

Diana is a money magnet such that she has made a fortune for herself in the few years she has been in the limelight.

Very few female celebrities can consistently be relevant in a competitive entertainment industry, which Diana has done effortlessly.

However, to an extent, she has clout chasing to thank for her thriving career. 

So, how rich is Diana Bahati, and where does she get her money from?

This post will dissect Diana Bahati’s sources of an expensive lifestyle and put a price on it.

Diana Bahati Income Sources

Diana’s rich aunt vibes are a result of her hard work.

She may be a wife to an equally rich and successful musician in the country, but Diana has also put significant effort into creating her brand.

Below is a list of her income sources:

She is an Artist

Diana ventured into the music industry as a rapper and hasn’t disappointed.

What many criticized as a wrong move has seen her rise as one of the country’s most sought-after female rappers.

She uses the stage name Diana B, and most of her music videos, such as Hatutaachana, One Day, and Mubaba, have registered 2 million views on YouTube and counting.

Her most recent release, Narudi Soko, is gearing towards the 1 million views mark.

Besides earning from YouTube for her songs, Diana is also booked to perform in clubs and showbiz events.

Content Creator

Diana has a successful YouTube Channel that has garnered over 870K subscribers since she created it in 2019.

Diana entertains her subscribers through diverse content, including her kid’s birthdays, pregnancy journeys, nannies, husband, and guest celebrities.

She even featured her husband’s first baby mama, Yvette Obura, before the two had a fallout. 

Diana’s YouTube videos attract an average of 200K views, most running for over 15 minutes.

She has garnered over 143,000,000 views in total from 2019.

Her YouTube reportedly generates between 400,000 and 1 million per month. 

Brand Influencer

Diana and her husband have attracted several local brands seeking her partnership to influence their services or products on her social media.

Diana, who boasts over 2 million followers on Instagram and 1 million on Facebook, is a hotcake to local brands regarding influencing.

She has worked with brands like Raha Premium, clothing designers, mobile phone brands, Komarock Modern Hospital, and many more.

Some of her influencing deals have landed her advertisements on TV, especially the Raha Premium one, where she appears with her kids and husband.

Diana Marua’s Properties

Diana and Bahati own a sprawling mansion estimated to cost 27.5 million in Kamakis Eastern Bypass.

Diana also owns pieces of land that her husband surprised her with at one of her birthday celebrations.

The couple also owns land in Naivasha, where they intend to build a holiday home.

Diana drives a Mercedes Benz Maybach worth 9 million, which she got as a gift from Bahati.

The couple reportedly owns a range rover too.

It is not clear if Diana and her husband have businesses running in the background, but there is a possibility they exist. 

Diana Marua’s Networth

With her several income sources and being a wife to another influential celebrity, Diana has a cumulative wealth that is reportedly worth between $ 1 million and $ 3 million.

Her Networth is not combined with her husband’s, although he has contributed some percentage to her fortune.

The mother of three’s future looks bright, and her Networth could grow significantly in the coming years if she stays consistent and pushes her career to higher levels.

Nothing is hard for Diana to achieve if she sets her eyes on it.

Nobody predicted a rapping Diana, and there she is, commanding millions of views on YouTube and radio airplay with her rap songs.

She always has something new cooking for her loyal fanbase and understands her audience’s entertainment needs. 

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