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Certificate of Good Conduct Validity and When to Renew it

The certificate of good conduct is a requirement for any job-seeking Kenyan because most private and government employers seek to know about a potential employee’s criminal record before hiring them.

The certificate is the document that distinguishes law-abiding citizens from lawbreakers before the eyes of potential employers.

Applying for the certificate of good conduct is a seamless process, not complicated as before. 

Kenyans can apply for the certificate at the CID headquarters along Kiambu Road or Huduma Centres Countrywide.

They can alternatively download application forms from the e-citizen portal, pay the required fee of Ksh1050 payment, and present all the necessary documents at the DCI offices.

A fingerprint form is used to record applicants’ fingerprints, and they must wait between two weeks and one month to pick up the certificate.

After How Long Does the Certificate of Good Conduct Expire?

The certificate of good conduct expires after one year, counted from the day of printing.

The certificate’s one-year expiry seeks to capture individuals that may have committed crimes within that period.

When these persons renew their certificates, the records will show up.

How to know if Your Certificate of Good Conduct is Valid and What to do if it Expires?

The validity of a good conduct certificate lasts one year, as mentioned above, and should be renewed each year to maintain its validity.

The renewal process is similar to the application and costs a thousand bob. It can be done at the DCI’s office or Huduma Centre. 

The renewal is also possible through the e-citizen portal, but applicants should present themselves to the relevant offices for fingerprint recording and processing.

Some employers may consider a certificate updated three years ago.

To be on the safe side, those who are actively job-hunting should ensure that your certificate is always updated.

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What are the Requirements for Renewing a Certificate of Good Conduct?

Since the renewal process takes similar steps as when applying for the first time, you need the same documents. They are as follows:

  • Original birth certificate for individuals below 18 years old
  • Valid work permits for foreigners
  • Ksh1000 or Ksh1050 for the renewal process at the CID offices or via e-citizen

The renewal process can occur online, at the DCI office, huduma center, or police station.

It is important to note that online renewal or application is only half the full process, and applicants must visit the physical office for fingerprint recording.

Foreigners cannot apply for or renew the certificate online and must present themselves at the DCI’s office.

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When to Pick Your Certificate of Good Conduct

After completing the certificate renewal process, there is a waiting period of three weeks.

The certificate may be ready earlier, depending on the backlog and where you applied for the renewal.

You will get an sms alert when the certificate is ready for picking.

Applicants are issued a receipt that they should present along with their National ID when picking the certificate. 

Can You Download a Certificate of Good Conduct From e-Citizen Portal?

Yes, you can download the certificate from the e-citizens portal after receiving a notification from the DCI.

Access the e-citizen website and log in using your username (Email or ID Number) and password.

On the dashboard, click on Police Clearance Certificate Application. The word GENERATED is displayed for ready certificates.

Proceed to download and save the file on your device or print directly if your computer is connected to a printer.

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