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How To Get an Affidavit for Lost Logbook in Kenya

Have you lost your log book and want to replace it?

Well, replacing a lost logbook is easy these days, thanks to the digitalization of government services.

 You can apply online, dedicate a few hours to visit relevant government offices in person and get it in one to two weeks.

One of the requirements for replacing a lost log book is your affidavit statement for the lost log book.

What Is An Affidavit For A Lost Logbook?

This is a sworn statement witnessed and signed by a lawyer stating that you are the rightful owner of the vehicle whose lost logbook is lost.

Here is an example of an affidavit for a lost logbook:

How Do You Get An Affidavit For A Lost Logbook?


Motor vehicle registration number (Will be filled out in the affidavit document)


I. Obtain a Police Abstract

Obtain a police abstract immediately you lose your logbook.

Download the affidavit for the lost log book online.

There are many Kenyan law websites where you can download the affidavit, such as Lawyer Wangu, and CM advocates.

You can also download it from a cyber café. Many cyber cafés offer this service these days.

II. Fill Out the Affidavit

Fill out and sign the document before a Notary Public, Commissioner for Oaths, Consular officer or magistrate.

III. Take Your Motor Vehicle for Tape Lift

The DCI uses a method called “tape lifting” to validate that the vehicle’s chassis number and engine number match the information provided in the registration documents.

 Upon completion, a tape lift report will be provided to you.

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IV. Submit the Affidavit

When submitting your application to replace your lost logbook, you’ll need to submit the affidavit, along with the Tape Lift Report and the Police Abstract.

Well, with all this information, getting an affidavit for your lost logbook shouldn’t be hard.

If you have all these documents, your logbook should be out in a week.

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