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Mpesa Reversal Failed: What Happens and What to Do? 

If you have ever sent a significant amount of money to the wrong number via Mpesa, you already know how helpless one can feel.

Before you call the stranger’s number or dial the reversal number, many questions crowd your mind.

What if they don’t pick up my call? What if they have already withdrawn the money? What if they have Fuliza that has swallowed my money? 

Well, mistakes happen, and no matter how careful you are, you may still find yourself in such a situation.

If you are lucky, you can reverse money sent to the wrong number by sending the erroneous transaction to 456.

You are supposed to copy the erroneous transaction from M-Pesa messages and paste it into a new message, with 456 being g the recipient. 

You are supposed to receive a notification alerting you that the reversal request is being processed for the next 120 minutes.

Alternatively, you can chat with Zuri via WhatsApp at 0722000100.

Choose Reversal from the service options Zuri offered, copy and paste the wrong transaction, finish by confirming your M-Pesa details, and wait for the reversal to take effect.

Mpesa Reversal Failed- What Does it Mean?

The dreaded M-Pesa reversal failed message is very disappointing.

It suggests that your efforts to reverse the money through Zuri, Safaricom App, or 456 have been futile because the recipient has already withdrawn it.

However, all is not lost, and you can explore other alternatives to get your money back, including taking legal action. 

What Happens When Mpesa Reversal Fails and What to Do

Unfortunately, not all M-Pesa reversals are successfully processed.

Some Kenyans are dishonest and swift to withdraw money that doesn’t belong to them.

Some Kenyans make peace with the fact that they have lost the money for good, especially if the amount is insignificant.

Others prepare to use all means possible to get their money back.

If the reversal fails, do the following:

  • Reach out to Safaricom’s customer care. They will call the recipient and request them to return the money. There is no guarantee that this approach will be successful, but you should try it nonetheless.
  • Take legal action. It is a crime to hold someone’s money intentionally and refuse to return it. Failure to return money can land culprits in prison for two years, a Ksh200,000 fine, or both. Some do not take this law seriously, only to find themselves cooling their heels in a police station after being arrested for the crime. 

What about Reversing Money Withdrawn From the Wrong Agent?

Away from sending money to the wrong number, some also withdraw money from the wrong agent.

This can happen after missing or entering an incorrect number.

In this scenario, Safaricom has used GPS technology or something close to that to ensure that only withdrawals from agents within 5 kilometers of proximity go through. 

That way, it is rare to withdraw from the wrong agent. Should it happen, do the following to recover your money:

  • Select English or Kiswahili Language
  • A customer care representative will engage you. Explain your predicament and share the number of the Agent you wrongly sent the money to. You may be asked to share other details too. 

You need patience because it may take 48 hours to get your money back. 

How to Avoid Sending Money to the Wrong Number 

Safaricom introduced the Hakikisha Service to help M-Pesa users confirm the details of money recipients before sending it and as that of an agent before withdrawing funds.  

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