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How to Unlock Mshwari Loan Limit

Using M-Shwari allows you to save money through its normal or lock savings account.

 That means that you can use the account as a bank account to preserve some of the money you intend to use in future.

Additionally, you can unlock your loan limit to access a loan and repay within a given duration.

M-Shwari offers its esteemed customers a loan limit of Ksh. 100 to Ksh. 50,000.

The amount accessible to you depends on several factors.

M-Shwari checks your usage of similar services frequently after every 3 months to determine your next loan limit.

That said, it’s imperative to understand the factors that M-Shwari evaluates to unlock your loan limit. 

Factors Mshwari Considers To Unlock New Loan Limits

In order to allow you a higher loan limit, M-Shwari takes takes a critical analysis of the following factors:

1. How Often You Transact in Your M-Shwari Account

All the money running through your M-Shwari is key to determining how much you can borrow from M-Shwari.

M-Shwari evaluates the frequency of transactions in your locked savings and normal M-Shwari account to unlock your loan limit. 

Additionally, the total amount you move within these accounts is also a key factor in unlocking your M-Shwari loan limit.

With that in mind, it’s important to keep a consistent transaction history in your M-Shwari.

Save frequently in your normal and lock savings accounts to increase chances of a higher loan limit.

2. How Frequent You Use Your M-pesa

How often you transact through M-pesa is also a vital factor in unlocking your M-Shwari loan limit.

To increase your M-Shwari loan limit, you need to frequently send payments through M-pesa, withdraw from M-pesa, and deposit cash to your M-pesa account.

Using M-pesa services consistently will surge your chances of unlocking a higher loan limit the next time M-Shwari assesses your account.

3. How Regular You Use Safaricom Services

Usage of data and voice services by Safaricom boosts your chances of unlocking M-Shwari loan limit.

Having that in mind, you should ensure that your sim card is active all the time.

Purchase data and voice call services regularly, and you’re set for a higher M-Shwari loan limit.

4. How Fast You Repay Your Loan

After getting the first loan from M-Shwari, chances are you’d want to receive a second loan.

What you must know is that M-Shwari keeps a record of your adherence to payment deadlines.

If you’re punctual, you become eligible for higher loan limits.

So, it’s important to repay your loan in time to boost chances of unlocking a new loan limit.

Parting Shot

Whether you receive a loan limit of Ksh. 100 or Ksh. 50,000 depends on your usage of M-pesa, Mshwari, and Safaricom services.

So, you must consider the 4 key factors regarding these services to unlock higher loan limits on M-Shwari.

You can move from accessing several hundreds to being eligible for Ksh. 1000 plus if you monitor your usage of the four mentioned services. 

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