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10 Most Educated Lawyers in Kenya

The primary task of a lawyer in any legal field is to ensure their client’s rights are respected; if not, the attorney must either file a lawsuit or take the matter to court.

Therefore, it is vital and mandatory for them to undergo the necessary training, per their desired specialty, from established law schools and excel before they are allowed to practice law.

Below is a list of ten of the most educated lawyers in the country and their academic qualifications.

1.  Prof. Kithure Kindike

Currently serving as the country’s Cabinet Secretary for internal security and national government coordination, Prof. Kithure Kindike rose to fame after representing the current President, Dr. William Ruto, in the International Criminal Court.

He was among the pioneer Law students from Moi University.

Due to his outstanding academic performance, he secured a scholarship to pursue his Masters at South Africa’s Pretoria University.

He attained a Ph.D. in Law from the same establishment.

2.  Prof. P.L.O. Lumumba

The Prof. is famous for his impeccable grasp of the English language, where he uses complex vocabulary whenever he talks.

 His full name is Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba.

He has an LL.B degree and an LL.M from UON.

He also holds an LL.D from Belgium University.

3.  Prof. Githu Muigai

He has an L.L.B and a Ph.D. from UON and a Law Diploma from the country’s central School of Law (K.S.L.).

He also has an L.L.M. certification from the Colombia’s University of Law School.

 His specialties include corporate finance, public procurement law, and commercial and civil litigation.

4.  Prof. Patricia Kamori Mbote

Although she is not a famous lawyer compared to all the others who’ve made it to this list, she is among the country’s most educated and respected attorneys.

The Professor acquired her doctorate from Stanford University in the U.S. in 1999, where she specialized in environmental law and property rights.

Before that, she had attained a law degree from UON and the University of Zimbabwe and later earned an L.L.M. degree from Warwick University in England.

5.  Prof. George Wajackoyah

The former presidential candidate in the just concluded 2022 general elections is also one of the most educated lawyers in the country, with a total of 17 degrees and several diplomas.

It is essential to note that he was a Kenyan police detective after passing the Kiganjo training and the C.I.D. intelligence studies in South C.

Unfortunately, he had to flee the country since, as an Inspector investigating the late Dr. Ouko’s assassination, he was detained and tortured under the Moi regime for trying to reveal sensitive information.

Luckily, he was granted Asylum refuge in the U.K., where he focused on his studies.

He acquired most of his law degrees from several reputable Britain universities, such as London (SOAS), Wolverhampton, Westminster, Warwick, and UOL Birkbeck.

6.  Prof. Kivutha Kibwana

The former Makueni county governor is also an educated, respected, and accomplished Kenyan lawyer.

He acquired his bachelor’s and master’s degree from U.O.N.

He later went to the U.K. (University of London) and America (George Washington and Harvard Universities) to further his studies in Law.

7.  Dr. Miguna Miguna

After being expelled from the UON in 1987 during the Moi regime due to his strong support for multi-party democracy in Kenya, he acquired a permanent asylum refuge in Canada, where he continued to pursue law at the country’s University of Toronto.

After attaining First class honors, he acquired a Masters in Law from Osgoode Hall of Law school in Canada.

He was also admitted to Canada’s Law bar (Ontario bar), which means that apart from Kenya, he can also practice Law in Canada.

8.  Dr. Willy Mutunga

He was the first Chief Justice under the 2010 constitution, thanks to his exemplary academic credentials and vast experience in the law profession.

 He acquired his bachelor’s and master’s accreditation in Law from the University of Dar Es Salaam.

He also has a doctorate in Jurisprudence law from Canada’s Osgoode Law School.

9.  Senior Counsel Ahmednassir Abdulahi

Popularly known as ‘Grand Mullah, ‘ the distinguished attorney has a bachelors in law from UON.

He also studied in America at Cornell University, where he attained his master’s degree in 1992.

He served as a senior don and Dean at U.O.N.’s law school.

In May 2020, he was appointed the chair of the country’s Senior Counsel committee by the then President, Uhuru Kenyatta.

10.  Senior Counsel Amos Wako

He is the country’s longest-serving Attorney General (for twenty years) and among Kenya’s most educated lawyers.

He has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Britain’s University of London, a bachelor’s degree in Law from Tanzanian’s Dar es Salaam University and a Master’s degree from the University of London, specializing in constitutional Law.

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