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Is ALX Software Engineering Legit?

ALX is a one-year-long software engineering course seeking to equip individuals with job-ready programming skills.

There is a rise in demand for software engineering services as the world continues to embrace technology.

Statistically, Africa has a shortage of software engineering talent, with only 690,000 out of 23 million worldwide, which is why Africa Leadership Group came up with the software engineering course.

The ALX course is critical for individuals looking to unlock their potential and gain unlimited access to global job opportunities. 

ALX Software Engineering Program

As mentioned in the introduction, the software program takes 12 months to complete.

The program has four learning sprints divided into 12 weeks of modules.

Additionally, the course is entirely online, and those interested should have a laptop or computer plus a stable internet connection.

English proficiency is also an enrolment requirement. To the benefit of many, no programming experience is needed to apply. 

The software engineering program is not for the faint-hearted and calls for interested individuals to develop the right attitude to experience a smooth ride.

The success of the course depends on the learner’s willingness to acquire technical skills because the mentors are ready to make the learning experience worthwhile. 

On graduate expectations, every learner should meet an average score of 30% in each sprint project, 80% in the foundation stage, and be active on the intranet.

Applicants are also expected to dedicate at least 70 hours a week once the training kicks off. 

Is ALX Legit?

Finding out the legitimacy of a course you would like to pursue is crucial because not all online programs meet the integrity threshold, and you would waste your money and time.

ALX  is a legit and trusted program that has helped many young people acquire tech skills remotely. 

Not only studying, but ALX also invites learners to join The Room community after completing the course for a chance to network with other professionals, explore job opportunities, and receive career support.

The program enjoys global sponsorship from globally recognized tech brands like Amazon, Microsoft, Jumia, MTN, Google Safaricom, Flutterwave, and Africa Leadership University.

ALX Software Engineering Certificate

A software engineering certification is like a dream come true to many learners because it earns them recognition needed to work in almost any field requiring their services.

Graduates are awarded a globally recognized certificate upon completing ALX’s software engineering course.

Besides the certification, graduates enjoy other post-certification opportunities like joining The Room’s talent community and creating life-transforming professional relationships with like-minded talents.

ALX Software Engineering Salary

Software engineering is a lucrative career.

ALX’s partnership with The Room has enabled graduates to work for companies like Meta, Vodafone, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Standard Group, MTN, KPMG, Upstream, and L’oreal.

In Kenya, software engineers earn an average monthly salary of 100,000.

Depending on clientele location, some can make 350,000 or more per month because software engineering services can be offered remotely worldwide.   

ALX Software Engineering Cost (is it free?)

Generally, graduating in software engineering comes at a cost unless sponsorship is involved.

In the ALX case, this year’s soft engineering fee has been waived courtesy of Mastercard Foundation and other partners, meaning that successful applicants will study for free. 

ALX Application

Applying for the ALX software engineering course is an easy and swift process that takes less than 15 minutes.

ALX wishes to notify applicants that they do not request fees in the application process and that any charges from the ALX team or its affiliates should be reported to their customer support email address [email protected]. 

Applicants should be between 18 and 34 years old and fill in all required details for the application to go through.

This year’s application closes on Wednesday, February 8th, 2023.

Onboarding of successful applicants is scheduled to take place on Monday, 20th February 2023.

Interested candidates can apply here because the deadline is fast approaching.

ALX Software Engineering Scholarship

ALX software engineering course cohorts enjoy fully-funded scholarships from various sponsors.

That means all they need to invest in is time, an uninterrupted internet connection, and a laptop or desktop.

Mastercard Foundation is this year’s sponsor for the upcoming one-year course.

Other scholarships come from ALX’s partners like Udacity.

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