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Mercy Light Hospital Kiambu Maternity Charges 

Health care is a vital service that ensures a country’s population is healthy.

The government does provide health services to its citizens but with an ever-growing population and limited funding, the government alone cannot cater for the needs of the entire country.

This is where private hospitals come in and in this post, we explores the maternity charges at one such facility: the Mercy Light Hospital in Kiambu County.

Mercy Light Hospital is a level 4 private primary care facility in Kiambu town, located opposite the Kiambu County Referral Hospital.

The hospital has a bed capacity of 74 and is regulated by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council.

The facility offers quality outpatient services to the residents of Kiambu including:

  • Short Term Family Planning Services
  • Tuberculosis treatment
  • Outpatient Curative services
  • Voluntary Counselling and Testing
  • Integrated Child Immunization
  • Gynecology
  • Surgical Outpatient Curative Services
  • Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV
  • Permanent Care and Treatment Services
  • Inpatient Services
  • Ambulatory Services among many others.

Mercy Light Hospital is NHIF accredited hence all members subscribed to the health insurance provider can access services at the facility.

Mercy Light Hospital also offers inpatient services in its 74-bed capacity wards.

There are general male and female medical and surgical wards with the addition of a pediatric ward for infants and the maternity ward.

These wards are well-equipped with modern equipment and highly trained and dedicated personnel from the best medical schools in the country including doctors, clinical officers, and nurses.

Maternity Department

The maternity ward at Mercy Light Hospital is well-equipped with modern equipment and experienced staff dedicated to providing quality maternity care for expectant mothers.

The ward comprises well-equipped private and semi-private rooms and boasts of some of the best nurses, gynecologists, and midwives Kiambu County has to offer.

Maternity Charges at Mercy Light Hospital

The maternity packages at Mercy Light Hospital include normal delivery and caesarian delivery packages.

The hospital also handles high-risk pregnancies by its highly trained professionals.

 For normal deliveries, the service is free if the expectant mother is registered with NHIF or Linda Mama. Learn more about Linda Mama benefits here: Linda Mama Benefits + Cover Limits Explained

If not registered, you will have to part with between Ksh 8,000 and Ksh 15,000 depending on the complexity of the procedure.

Cesarean delivery is also free for NHIF and Linda Mama members. Without NHIF or Linda Mama, you will have to pay anywhere from Ksh 30,000 to Ksh 40,000, with privacy and complexity factors included.

Other charges at the maternity section include Ksh 200 for regular visitation and Ksh 1,500 for laboratory services like urinalysis, VDRL, pregnancy tests and blood group tests.

Parting Thoughts

Mercy Light Hospital is more concerned about providing quality health care to the community than making profits.

The maternity fees are relatively cheap considering that this is a private institution.

 For quality services at affordable rates, Mercy Light is the best place to visit.

The hospital is rated among the top medical facilities that offer the best maternal care in Kiambu County.

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