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Linda Mama Benefits + Cover Limits Explained

Linda Mama is a free health insurance coverage for pregnant women, intended to help those in rural areas and slums who cannot afford to pay for the NHIF card.

Linda Mama program was initially started under the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) scheme that was launched in 2018 by the national government.

The former president, Uhuru Kenyatta, started this scheme to help mothers deliver without any financial hardships.

However, the UHC was done away with in 2020, and Linda Mama became a subsidy of the National Health Insurance Fund.

Important Update: Is Linda Mama Still Working?

There have been rumors going around in the recent past that Kenya Kwanza discontinued this government-funded program when it assumed power.

However, Linda Mama continues to provide maternity care to all its registered mothers, seeking to ensure the health and well-being of both the mother and baby.

Difference between NHIF and Linda Mama Covers

Both NHIF and Linda Mama covers are the most affordable healthcare policies pertaining to maternity in the country.

However, there are some differences between the two with regard to the benefit packages.


It gives the mother a maternity cover of up to ksh 10,000, and caesarian section cover of up to ksh 30,000.

In most cases, the expectant mother only pays for consultation, admission, and opening file charges, which in most cases do not exceed ksh 4,000 for normal delivery and ksh 7,000 for a C-section.

The mother also receives full access to antenatal care, postnatal care, and child care for up to one year after delivery. These services are free in all NHIF-accredited healthcare facilities.

NHIF will also cover outpatient services, even once unrelated to the pregnancy. These include consultation fees, immunization, physiotherapy services, and partial payments for drugs. These are continuing services.


All basic maternity services are fully covered, meaning they are offered free of charge provided the mother is registered, and seeks services from NHIF accredited/contracted facilities.

It also covers the child’s immunization and postnatal care services. However, the card is only useful for a limited period of time.

Once it expires, the patient will have to make cash payments for any treatments and procedures that follow if they don’t hold an NHIF card.

Here Is How Linda Mama Works:

Once the expectant mother produces a Linda Mama card, she receives the services under that cover for free—be it antenatal, postnatal, or delivery services.

Once the service has been provided, the facility fills out the claim form, indicating the service offered and its corresponding fee, and sends it to NHIF.

NHIF, through the government’s funding, then reimburses the facility.

Linda Mama Benefits Package

The Linda Mama card is only useful for the pregnancy period. The table below shows the four benefit packages of the Linda Mama Cover.

Benefit packageService
Antenatal care packageUp to four pre-natal clinics  
Delivery Be it normal or caesarian section in all NHIF-accredited health facilities and clinics across the country
Postnatal care packageUp to four post-natal clinics, and both inpatient and outpatient services
Infant care packageOutpatient services

It also covers any complications and emergency cases pertaining to the pregnancy.

Does Linda Mama Cover C-section?

Yes, the Linda Mama card covers caesarian section at no extra charge, provided the delivery is done at an NHIF-accredited health facility or clinic.

Before admission, it is important that the patient confirms with the facility if the administration accepts the card.

Does Linda Mama Cover Ultrasound?

As per the Linda Mama Implementation manual, services such as family planning, ultrasound, full immunization, referral costs, and other vital services were not part of the packages covered.

Does Linda Mama Work In Private Hospitals?

The cover is acceptable in all public health facilities, as well as some NGO and Mission hospitals.

All private hospitals that have been contracted by NHIF also accept the cover.

Does Linda Mama Cover A Child After Birth?

The cover expires six months after delivery, covering the baby’s immunization and postnatal clinic period.

Does Linda Mama Cover The Mother After Delivery?

Any complications and emergencies resulting from delivery or any form of treatment the mother might need may not be covered.

It is, therefore, advised that the mother keeps the NHIF cover up to date too in the event of an emergency that is not covered under the Linda Mama program.

Does Linda Mama Cover Surgery?

Linda Mama only covers treatments and procedures that are directly related to the pregnancy. If surgery is not pregnancy related, then it will not be covered.

Where to Get Linda Mama Card

There are four ways to register for the Linda Mama cover.

  • You can use your mobile phone and apply through the NHIF USSD code
  • At any NHIF branch
  • Huduma centers across the country

Who Is Eligible For Linda Mama?

It is eligible for all expectant mothers provided they are Kenyan citizens and 18+ years of age.

For expectant teenage mothers, the registration process is done using a guardian’s National Identification card.

How Long Does Linda Mama Take To Be Active?

After registration, it takes 14 working days to become active.

To ensure successful registration, visit an NHIF accredited/contracted healthcare facility to confirm the pregnancy.

This is essential because aside from your ID card, you will also need your antenatal care records to register for the cover.

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