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List Of Powerful Swahili Curse Words and When to Use Them 

Everyone has their way of expressing emotions when they are disappointed or feel disrespected.

While some people will settle for physical revenge, others will choose verbal attacks.

This results in using various curse words that can make someone feel belittled, hurt, or offended.

So, how do you say these swear words in Swahili?

Swahili is one of the easiest languages to speak, whether you are speaking to an elder or your agemate.

The language also allows you to use various curse words with hidden meanings to show disappointment or anger.

If your search revolves around Swahili words to use when cursing someone, here are a few suggestions to consider:

Swahili Words and Phrases to Show Anger

  • It’s none of your business – hii/hio sio biashara yako. This is a way of telling someone not to get involved in something that they are not concerned with. It can be used politely or harshly to keep off other people from your matters.
  • You are not listening- huniskilizi wewe. It is a way of demanding attention or emphasizing your words. You can also say niskize wewe! Or sikiliza!
  • Watch your mind – chunga mdomo wako. You can also say chunga maneno yako to mean “watch your words” as a warning.
  • It’s/that’s enough inatosha. When said in an angry tone, it is an authoritative way to stop someone from doing or saying something. One can also say wacha to mean “stop”.
  •  Cut it out – wachana nayo.
  • Get the heck out of here- toka hapa or toa ujinga hapa.
  • Shut up! – nyamaza!
  • What stupidity (the heck) is this? – huu ni ujinga gani?
  • I don’t want to see you again – sitaki kukuona tena.
  • What the heck are you doing? – unafanya ujinga gani?
  • Stop disturbing me – wacha kunisumbua.
  • Who do you think you are? – unadhani wewe ni nani?
  • I don’t want to speak to you – sitaki kuzungumza/kuongea na wewe.
  • You are kidding – unanitania or unafanya utoto. Kidding means joking or acting like a child. Therefore, the phrase is used to stop someone from joking too much or acting way below their age.
  • So what? – kwa hivo? The phrase shows you no longer care about their words or actions or you dare them to do their worse.
  • You are nobody/nothing – wewe ni bure kabisa.
  • Stupid – shenzi or jinga.
  • You are an idiot – wewe ni mjinga/mshenzi.
  • You dumb person – pumbafu wewe.

Swahili Words to Express Negative Feelings

  • You have disappointed me – umeniangusha. It also means “You have let me down”.
  • Am annoyed – nmekasirishwa or nmekasirirka. It also means “am angered”.
  • Am confused – nmechanganyikiwa. You can also say umenichanganya to mean “you have confused me”.
  • I feel exhausted – nahisi kuchoka.
  • Am bored – nmechoka or nmeudhika.
  • Anxious – wasiwasi. You can say niko na wasiwasi to mean am anxious.
  • Am tired with you – nmekuchoka.

Peer-To-Peer Swahili Curse Words

  • Idiot – juha or shenzi. You can also use fala, pumbafu, or mjinga when insulting your agemate or someone younger than you.
  • Gay – shoga or hanithi. Hanithi is used when referring to a gay person who is the receiver. Msenge is also used to mean gay.
  • Silly – kichwamaji.  An illiterate person or one with low understanding.
  • Son of a bitch – mtoto wa mbwa. The phrase can also be used to show disappointment in any situation.
  • You are a cow – wewe ni ng’ombe. Used to give the same meaning as “you are an idiot” or “stupid” to show a person with poor judgment.

Other Swahili Curse Words

  • Tick – kupe. The word is used to refer to someone who depends on others for survival.
  • Crazy – mjinga.
  • Betrayer – msaliti.
  • Jealous – wivu or mwenye wivu.
  • Hateful – mwenye chuki
  • Pissed or ticked off- kukasirishwa.
  • Your mother – mamako. Some people also add body parts like v@gina to the phrase to express a vague insult to another person’s mother.
  • Wimp – mnyonge or mvivu. The word means someone who is not strong both physically and emotionally.
  • You are pain in the neck! – unaudhi.
  • Stingy – mchoyo
  • Dog – mbwa. Similar to a cow or any animal with a low IQ.
  • Who_re – malaya.
  • Bitch – mbwa mwitu. Used when insulting a weak person who is also considered timid or pathetic in some way.
  • Bastard – mwanaharamu. Mostly refers to a man who is irritating or spiteful.
  • Bollocks – makorodani or pumbu. Usually refers to nonsense or misleading information. It can also mean an idiot or a disagreeable person.

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Closing Thoughts

Learning Swahili curse words and phrases is the easiest way to express your feelings and let out anger.

However, it is vital to note that not all curse words can fit in any context since these words are categorized based on mood, gender, and age.

Therefore, if you are planning to visit any part of Eastern Africa, it is time to note these essential words to use when swearing and learn where to apply them.

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