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List of Powerful Nigerian Insults and Curse Words You Should Know

Nigeria is a country in Africa known for its culture and other amazing activities.

 It is also known for its good hospitality to its visitors.

The country speaks different languages which makes it unique. However, the common languages spoken are Pidgin and Creole English.

Subsequently, there are insults and curse words used by different people to express their feelings.

Like any other country, Nigeria comes with different slang.

Knowing these insults and curse words makes it easy to understand.

Here are some of the most common Nigerian insults and slang words you should know.

Nigerian Curse Words among Yoruba Mothers

  • Obun – dirty or filthy. Used to question one’s hygiene.
  • Oloshi – used to refer to someone unfortunate, though others use it to refer to someone who does unnecessary things.
  • Olodo refers to someone with low intelligence.
  • Apoda refers to someone with little or no direction in life.
  • Didirin – refers to someone with low mental faculties.
  • Agba iya refers to someone useless despite their old age. It is often pronounced as Agbaya.
  • Oponu ignoramus or stupid. Used when someone does something stupid or appears confused. You can hear some Nigerians say Oponu po tea.

Trending Nigerian Slangs Insults

  • Sapa – This is Nigerian slang that is used to describe one’s state of poverty or lack of money. You can also refer to it as owu.
  • Ebe achi – bush meat or foolish person.
  • Nkita la’cha ike gi – may a dog lick your butt.
  • Alapa stainless – one with a stainless arm. Used to refer to the last person.
  • Anu ofia ka gin ma – a useless animal is better than you.
  • Wonbiliki wobia refers to a person who likes eating.
  • Kolori – does not have a head. Used to refer to someone who does stupid things. You can also say opolo re ko si nkan nkan sibe to mean “your brain has nothing”.
  • Ko ni da fun e – it won’t be well with you. Used as a curse to wish someone bad luck.
  • Who Dey Breeett? – This is slang that is commonly used to humble your haters. You can also use it when you want attention or show off.
  • Ma Fodon’t break. It is slang that is applied when encouraging someone to remain strong during challenging moments.
  • E Choke – it is another Nigerian slang that means it chokes.
  • Mad O – this a slang used to express disbelief or frustrations when something negative occurs or is said.
  • Trabaye – this is a Nigerian slang phrase from the hood that means “get high” through the use of drugs. It can also be used to describe an act of fraudulence.
  • E Nipe – the phrase means you said what. It is commonly used by the Yoruba people of Nigeria. It can also be applied in different situations.
  • We Meuuve – the slang means life goes on. It is a Nigerian slang word applied to give motivation or encouragement. It is a perfect word to use when people are at their lowest.
  • Japa this is a Nigerian slang commonly spoken by the Yoruba people. It literally means to run swiftly. It is commonly applied when one is in a dangerous situation.
  • Ment – this a slang word derived from mental. It is used as a Nigerian slang to question one’s sanity. It can also be applied when you disagree with someone.
  • Fall Hands – slang used to express your frustration with someone or situation.

Nigerian Slang Insults to Express Disbelief, Anger, or Frustration

  • Ashewo – this is a common slang in Nigeria used to refer to sex workers. You can also use this slang to express your anger, especially when mistreated.
  • Amebo – it is a slang insult used to refer to people who like gossiping. You can also use it to refer to gossip. To say Amebo ti de means “the gossip has arrived”.
  • Kolo – it means to go crazy or mad. You can use this slang to express your frustration or when disappointed with someone.
  • Over-sabi – it is a perfect slang word to use when mocking someone for their performance or intelligence.
  • Bolo – this slang is often used to refer to slow people. However, use it with caution since it can be disrespectful when used on people above you.
  • Mugu – a Nigerian slang used to describe people who can easily be manipulated by others. It is also used as an insult, especially when frustrated.
  • Wobia – if you are thinking of insulting a glutton, then wobia is the perfect Naija slang to use. However, be cautious when using it.
  • Ode – the word is used in different situations. For instance, when used as an insult, it refers to a fool. Some people also use it to express love.
  • Clapback – slang used as a perfect response to anyone that comes at you in a wrong manner. It is often used when angry or frustrated with someone.
  • God, abeg this slang means you are tired of something or someone. It is a perfect slang to use when frustrated. For instance, when someone does something you did not wish for. It helps them understand that you are fed up.

Other Common Nigerian Slang Curse Words and Phrases

  • Lori iro – this Nigerian slang is used to describe people who often tell lies.
  • Trenches it is used to refer to people who live in a ghetto. It can be used in different situations, especially when angry.
  • Sora fun obinrin – it is a slang commonly used in Nigeria to caution men from engaging with women.
  • Tatu aka – this is a slang commonly used by the Igbo people in Nigeria. It is used to refer to people who use money extravagantly. You can also use this slang when angry and not happy with how someone spends money.
  • Nnukwu – an Igbo curse word to mean “big head”. You can use it when angry or happy. It all depends on the situation.
  • Disembark – this means stop. It is a perfect slang to use when angry or frustrated with someone. You can also use it when you do not want anyone around you.
  • Conti – Nigerian slang used when someone is afraid to do or participate in anything.

Nigerian Slang Insults That Have Stood the Test of Time

  • Yohoo – this slang is used to refer to internet fraudsters. It is perfect slang to describe anyone prone to the act of cyber fraud.
  • Pour Sand Sand for My Garri – it is a phrase that allows you to express your displeasure when you realize someone is preventing others from achieving success.
  • Dem No Born You Well – it is Nigerian slang used as a dare. It is a perfect slang to apply when daring someone to do anything they are planning to do. Use it with caution.

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Nigeria is a country full of unique curse words and phrases that have stood the test of time.

However, any visitor needs to learn the meaning of these insults for proper understanding.

While there are numerous insults and curse words to use, learning the basics of Nigerian insults and when to use them will allow you to fit easily into its vast culture.

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