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List of Powerful Jamaican Curse Words and When to Use Them

Jamaica is known as an island of love, good music, and an enticing language that everybody would love to learn.

Within its diverse culture also lies the precious Patois language that identifies any Jamaican anywhere around the globe.

Also, Jamaicans are said to be among the nicest people you will ever meet.

However, the last thing you would want is to offend a Jamaican as they can use their colorful curse words to shut you down, and you may not even recognize them as insults.

 Therefore, if you are planning to spend some good time on the island but worried about crossing anyone’s limits, here are a few Jamaican curse words to know about and where to apply them.

Jamaican Christian Curse Words

  • Baxcovah – oh my God. It is a mild curse or an exclamation word used to show surprise.
  • Lawd a massi Lord have mercy. Used to show annoyance or frustration.
  • Fyah fi yu – burn in hell.
  • Blousenaat or blousenawt – darn. A mild curse word to express shock or surprise.
  • Blow-wow – holy crap. An expression that shows something is unbelievable or shocking.
  • Kiss mi back neck the derogatory phrase used to show disbelief.

Jamaican Slang Insults to Express Disbelief, Anger, or Frustration

  • Bruddah or bredda used to mean brother. But when used as an insult, it refers to someone who has done something disrespectful.
  • Gheh – it means “go away” and is used to show annoyance
  • Kiss mi raas kiss my ass. It shows dislike.
  • Kiss mi backside similar to kiss mi raas. It is also used to express stress or tiredness with an argument.
  • Bumbaclot toilet paper or menstrual pad. Bumba means bottom while claatmeans cloth. Therefore, bumbaclaat is a Jamaican expression to mean bottom cloth, menstrual pad, or cloth used to wipe the buttocks. The word can also be spelled as bomboclaat, bomboclat, or bumbclat.
  • Cockup – when used as an insult, it refers to someone who ruins everything or cannot do something as needed.
  • Fuckery – bullshit – used to describe something that is bullshit, or absolute nonsense.
  • Wah di rass – what the f*ck. Used to show surprise or shock.
  • Bloocleet used in place of “f*ck” or “bumboclat to express anger or fear.
  • Nanny raas – it means grandmother’s backside. Used to show disgust.
  • Rhaatid – used to show irritation or mild surprise.
  • Rawse – ass. Used to show surprise or disbelief.
  • Rassclot – raas means “ass” or “buttocks” in English. When used as an insult, raasclat, raasclaat, or raasclot means dissatisfaction or uselessness. It is also used to compare someone to toilet paper.
  • Batty hole – asshole. It shows disrespect or anger.
  • Blood fiah – blood fire. Used to show mild shock or unexcepted turn of events.
  • Pussyhole – it refers to someone who is strongly disliked. It also refers to a stupid person.

Jamaican Curse Words to Describe One’s Behavior

  • Bloodclaat – refers to someone filthy. Other Jamaicans also use the word instead of bumboclat or raasclat.
  • Badmind pussyhole – used to describe someone who is strongly disliked because of their jealous ways.
  • Mampy an overweight man. Used to describe someone who is obese or unattractive. One can also use it literally to mean “destroy”.
  • Maa-ma man – a lazy man who deliberately refuses to take responsibility for his actions.
  • Sketel a sexually promiscuous woman with loose morals. Her male equivalent is called the mantel.
  • Gyalis – is a positive connotation of a mantel. Though, it is used as an insult to show a smooth guy who always gets his way with women. Naturally, no Jamaican woman would love to settle with a gyalis.
  • Butu or butucrat – used to refer to someone with no social morals
  • Zutupeng or zutupeck – refers to someone unwelcoming or ill-mannered. It is also used to refer to someone who is disliked by most people.

Other Jamaican Curse Words and Phrases

  • Suck yuh mada – suck your mother. An offensive phrase to show disrespect to one’s mother.
  • Mi spirit nuh tek to dem – my spirit does not like you/them. Jamaicans use this phrase to show they dislike someone and they cannot be friends.
  • Yuh a crassis – you are bad luck. It means they don’t want anything to do with you.
  • Yuh too bad mind – you have the worst character and are envious of other people’s success.
  • Yuh ave no brothupsy – you have no manners.
  • Yuh deh pon skunt you are talking or doing nonsense.
  • Batty bwoy or batty man – gay.
  • Batty gyal – homosexual woman.
  • Fish – homosexual man.
  • Dutty gyal – dirty bitch.
  • Infant killa – pedophile or someone who likes to molest children. It also means a woman who has had abortions.
  • Bugga or buggaman – gay or someone who likes anal sex.
  • Board man – a man who cannot satisfy a woman.
  • Mengkeh – fool, idiot, or mentally ill person.
  • Lagga head – someone who is dumb or lacks common sense.
  • Sodomite lesbian.
  • To rass – f*ck you in the ass.
  • Cruff worthless person. Used to refer to a poor person or someone who comes from a lower social class. Similar to booguyaga.
  • Half eediat – half idiot. Used to refer to a foolish person. Similar to chupid and dunce bat.
  • Wanga-gutsomeone who likes to eat anything without thinking about its source.
  • Lossaz Sl*t or a loose woman.
  • Fassy an irritating or extremely annoying person.

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The Jamaican Patois is an interesting dialect full of unique words and phrases that have been passed down from generation to generation.

However, the language has a thin line between good and curse words that every visitor should understand before visiting the country.

Therefore, while the Jamaican Patois has thousands of curse words used in different situations, those listed above can help you kickstart your learning journey.

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