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23 Must Know Cajun French Curse Words

In English, when we get annoyed, we say some curse words like ‘hell’ or ‘damn it’ or maybe stronger than that.

Similarly, Cajun French has a set of curse words and phrases that people often use to let off some steam. 

But what exactly is Cajun French? Is it any different from French?

Well, Cajun French, also known as Louisiana French, is a dialect spoken exclusively in the south of Louisiana, and it’s somehow different from Canadian French. 

It emerged as a dialect due to the historical colonization in the region and has been influenced by various ethnicities and languages, especially the Acadians (cajun), who were separated from their northern family a long time ago. 

Below are some of the Cajun French curse words and their English meanings: 

1. Tete Dur

We start our list with the most common Cajun French curse word, Tete Dur. This word refers to a hard-headed person or a stubborn person. 

2. Couillon

In Cajun, if someone is dumb or stupid, he is cursed as couillion. Kindly note that the pronunciation here is Coo – Yawn, where the n in the 2nd phrase is silent. It may also mean an idiot or a fool. 

3. C’est sa couilion

Some in the Cajun French use the word c’est sa couillon to call someone a big fool.

4. Tete de Cabri

Imagine cursing someone with a goat’s head. Well, that’s what this cajun word means. It can be used to refer to a stubborn person. 

5. Bon de rien

This word can be translated to a bum, a slacker, or a good-for-nothing in English. 

6. Fou

Fou is a common cajun word in peer-to-peer relationships that means crazy. 

7. Salop

I have to warn you here. This solemn curse word in Cajun means a messy woman or a lousy housewife. So, be careful about how you use it. 

8. Macaque

If someone likes showing off at every opportunity he gets, then he is cursed a macaque in Cajun. 

9. Un maquereau

This is not a common curse and refers to a lady’s man. 

10. Bete

If someone acts silly or stupid, he is cursed as bete.

11. Mon dieu

When someone wants to curse you, he may say mon dieu, which means My God.

12. Merde

Merde in Cajun is also used interchangeably as the Merde in French cursing, which means sh*t!

13. Malheureux

This means that someone is unhappy. 

14. Poor i’amour de dieu

This is also a Cajun curse word translated as the For God’s Sake or for heaven’s sake in English. 

As you’ve probably guessed, the phrase is used when someone is upset or frustrated.

It’s not a bad word itself, but when someone says it in a strong way, it can sound like they’re cursing or expressing strong emotions.

15. Sacre bleu

When someone is cursing, he may use sacre bleu to mean d*mn it!

16. Chepasse

This is another Cajun curse word for go away!

17. Bibitee/Cocotte

These words are used interchangeably in the Cajun French curse, which means male genitals. 

18. Tchew

Tcew is another vulgar cursing word in Cajun, meaning kiss my *ss. 

19. Beck moi tchew

This also is a highly offensive cajun cursing word that means bite my *ss. 

20. Feet peu tan

Feet peu tan means a goddamn son of a b*tch!

21. Taut t’en grosee bueche

When you are cursing at someone who responds to your curse, you may be forced to use this word to mean shut your mouth, or it may also mean you have a big mouth. 

22. Pic kee toi

This is also another extreme cursing word that means f*ck you!

23. Galette

Lastly, here is another Cajun French curse word that means female genitalia. 

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Cajun French curse words can be intense and graphic, while some are inventive and funny. However, remember not to use the words in this list anyhow, as some may contain extremely offensive and vulgar language and thus should be used cautiously to avoid offending someone. 

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