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Who is the Woman with the Biggest Eyes in the World?

You have probably heard of the tallest and shortest individuals in the world, but do you know about the woman with the most enormous eyes in the world?

It is common for our eyes to pop out or widen when surprised or expressing fear, but some people almost bulge their eyes out of their sockets, quickly catching the attention of the people around them.

Some may look scary if you encounter them for the first time, especially Kim Goodman, who pops out her eyes so quickly that it seems like they will come out of their sockets.

People with big eyes are often associated with diseases like Graves or thyroid illness.

However, some naturally have big eyes without underlying health conditions.

Additionally, not all women with large eyes are scary, as some have landed modeling and influencing jobs because of their outstanding eyes.

So, which woman currently holds the Guinness World Record for having the most prominent eyes, and who are the rest?

1.   Kim Goodman

She is recognized internationally for having enormous eyes, which protrude to the outside when she yawns.

Her photos alone can be scary for those seeing them for the first time, so you can imagine how dangerous she may look in real life.

With her eyes popped out, she looks like one of those scary characters from horror films.

Kim, who can protrude her eyes at will, boasts a Guinness World Record for her proptosis condition, being able to protrude her eyes 12mm from their sockets, making them twice as big as normal human eyes.

Kim hails from Chicago, Illinois, but her record-breaking eye measurements were taken in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2007.

A unique instrument called a proptometer is used to determine the exact size of popped eyes.

So, how did Kim get to know of her condition and that it could propel her to global fame?

Kim realized she had proptosis after she was hit by a hockey mask on the head.

2.   Jalisa Thompson

Another eye-popping sensation is Jalisa Thompson, an actress who can easily scare people by popping her eyes out at will.

Like Kim, Jalisa’s eye-popping nature has earned her fame and fortune because she lands acting and promotional gigs.

Jalisa went viral in 2014 for acting in a promotional prank video for the horror film Ouija, in which she scares unsuspecting psychic customers after popping her eyes out.

In the video, Jalisa acts as a medium or psychic who scares away psychic customers by popping her eyes out.

Jalisa has won Ripley’s Great Face Off twice for making the weirdest facial expression.

Jalisa did not start eye-popping in adulthood because she was 12 when she first scared her mom with the rare expression.

 Jalisa enjoys scaring people away with her eye stunt. She finds it funny when people scream their lungs out in reaction.

3.   Marie Oz

Marie is an Instagram influencer and model who has outstandingly big eyes.

Those encountering her photos for the first time may think she has edited her eyes to look big, but that is not the case according to her.

She maintains that her eyes are naturally big and is used to people claiming she is faking their size for online fame.

Unlike Kim and Jalisa, who pop out their eyes to achieve a bigger size, Marie’s eyes are calmly big in their sockets.

Marie, Ukrainian, has a decent Instagram following of people who find her beautiful and are drawn to her big round eyes.

She started actively posting photos on the app in 2016 and had no idea she would attract many followers.

Marie works as an animation director and illustrator, so most people think she uses her skills to enlarge her eyes.

Her unique beauty has enabled her to work with international brands like Elle Magazine and Bulgari.

4.   Samantha McNab

Samantha is another girl who has received special online attention for her big eyes.

Most people liken her appearance to that of the Lord of the Ring’s Gollum and cartoon characters.

She has a popular TikTok account where her videos have over 30 million cumulative views.

 Samantha is used to being criticized for her eyes but likes them and doesn’t shy off showing them.

Samantha revealed that she gets comments from other girls and women with big eyes, thanking her for instilling confidence in them despite being bullied and made fun of.

 Samantha doesn’t do much in her videos; she only needs to stare blankly at the camera for a few minutes and garner thousands of views and millions of likes.

 Samantha attributes the size of her eyes to her family’s genetics.

 She has shared photos from when she was young, and it is easy to notice she had big eyes even as a child.

5.   Masha Tyelna

Also from Ukraine, like Marie Oz, Masha is a model with big eyes.

People find her eyes extraordinarily big and joke about her being an alien.

Her eyes are the first thing you notice when you come across her pics, significantly contributing to her facial beauty.

She has modeled for international brands like Hermes and other high-end European brands.

Her eyes naturally look big without her popping them out, which does not make her scary but beautiful and doll-like.

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