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Nissan GT-R Price in Kenya: Here’s All You Need To Know

Nissan, a Japanese automaker, is the manufacturer of GT-R vehicles, hence the term Nissan GT-R.

They were introduced to the market in 2007, and due to their outstanding performance, they immediately replaced the Nissan Skyline GT-R.

Features of the Nissan GT-R 

As sport utility vehicles, Nissan has created several GT-R model versions named according to their modification and release year.

They include NISSAN GT-R 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 versions.

However, all these Nissan models share several identical features that constitute the reputable GT-R version.

Some of these common features are:

  • All GT-R models’ exteriors have a modern front bumper with side air scoops and the DRL inside each scoop.
  • To compliment the overall look of these high-performance sports cars, they have a classic designed interior look. For instance, the dashboard’s instrument panel is covered in a unique, seamless sheet of customized Nappa leather.
  • Each model is also fitted with a new 8″ inch touch-screen infotainment system in the center console that connects to Apple CarPlay.
  • All Nissan GT-R models have V6 cylinders, a 6-speed automatic gear system, can reach a maximum speed of 320km/hr, and have an acceleration rate of 0 to 100km/hr at 3.4 seconds. They also have a turbocharged multi-point injection fuel system.
  • The GT-R models are much safer now because the tires contain nitrogen and can resist a puncture even when traveling at 200 kph!


Naturally, any automobile with the features mentioned above must have a high price tag, and the Nissan GT-R models are no exception.

Below is a list of all the estimated prices of Nissan GT-R models from 2019; since it is almost impossible to get new 2016, 2017, and 2018 models.

 It is essential to note these prices are not inclusive of VAT and excise duty taxes; therefore, the actual costs may be higher.

Nissan GT-R 201928,300,900
Nissan GT-R 202031,600,400
Nissan GT-R 202160,352,600
Nissan GT-R 202276,200,300

Below is a list of all the used Nissan GT-R models with a maximum mileage of 7000 km.

Nissan GT-R 201618,608,600
Nissan GT-R 201719,620,200
Nissan GT-R 201820,429,700
Nissan GT-R 201920,653,800
Nissan GT-R 202024,400,500
Nissan GT-R 202130,693,200
Nissan GT-R 201648,968,800

Maintenance Cost

We all understand that regular oil changes increase engine longevity; therefore, this procedure will cost about Ksh.25000 for the GT-R.

To access the oil filter, you must remove the complete under-tray, which increases the repair cost.

New differential and transmission fluids are also required after every 30,000 kilometers, costing you approximately Ksh.110,000. 

Who Owns a Nissan GT-R in Kenya

Kenyans were astonished when images of a grey Nissan GT-R initially appeared on the internet.

Many people speculated that the owner might be a politician, famous, or wealthy business person.

 It was later discovered that the vehicle is owned by a very private Asian man who goes by the name “Williammm Kimm” on Instagram. 

Where and How to Buy a Nissan GT-R in Kenya

There are two typical ways to purchase a Nissan GT-R in Kenya: from a showroom or by importing it directly from Japan.

You can visit the official website of Nissan Kenya, and they will direct you to the steps required to purchase a new GT-R. 

For a used, high-quality GT-R model, local showrooms (such as Cars from Japan, Car Imports, and Croton Motors) may save you valuable resources and time-related to shipping.

You can also visit, which has hundreds of vehicles available, including the Nissan GT-Rs. 

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