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Where is Tamera Mowry Now?

Tamera Mowry has been gracing our screens since the days of Sister, Sister, an ABC sitcom she acted in alongside her twin sister Tia Mowry in the 90s.

Years later, Tamera has a flourishing entertainment career in TV hosting, reality TV star, acting, film production, and a beautiful family crown it all.

Tamera also has a memoir; You Should Sit Down for This: A Memoir About Life, Wine, and Cookies.

Tamera has experienced ups and downs in her career, but that hasn’t slowed her from making significant moves in the entertainment industry.

Her six-season stint at The Real as a co-host marked one of the most challenging times in her TV career, but Tamera is grateful for the life lessons it came with.

So, what prompted Tamera to leave a Daytime Emmy and NAACP Image award-winning talk show?

Why Did Tamera Mowry Leave The Real?

Tamera joined The Real TV talk show in 2013, hosting alongside Loni Love, Jeannie Mai, and Adrienne Bailon.

The Fox Station’s show had the ladies talking about trending and timely topics on fashion, lifestyle, their personal lives, and relationships.

The Real, however, suffered a setback after it was canceled and couldn’t be renewed beyond eight seasons.

Before the cancellation in 2022, Tamera had already exited the show in 2020 after six seasons.

At the time of her resignation, Tamera revealed in her Instagram post that her time to move on from The Real had arrived and that she was proud of her time at the show.

She, however, didn’t go into details as to why she had chosen to leave, leaving room for speculation.

 Two years after her exit, Tamera spilled the beans explaining why she left The Real.

She disclosed all the details in her memoir, telling readers how she silently battled anxiety and backlash from viewers following her 2018 commentary defending her husband against racism accusations.

During the episode, Tamera looked at the camera and boldly told viewers that her husband was not a racist.

Her white husband, Adam Housley, worked for Fox News as a correspondent from 2001 and left in 2018.

Being a black woman, Tamera constantly faced backlash from viewers because of her husband’s association with Fox News, a station publicly perceived for racial biases in their coverage.

Defending her husband on The Real escalated the situation, which is one reason she quit the show.

Addressing the situation two years later, Tamera expounded that her statement was taken out of context, something she didn’t see coming but now knows better how to approach such issues.

Tamera also mentioned in her memoir that working at the show was hectic, leading her to suffer from anxiety and that she would throw up in the dressing room and drink excessively.

She also discussed hardly having enough time to be with her family because of the show’s demanding schedule.

Her management discouraged her from leaving the show because they couldn’t guarantee her another gig, but Tamera had had enough and trusted her instinct.

 So, where is Tamera now, and what is she up to?

Where is Tamera Mowry Now?

Looking back, Tamera’s time at The Real helped her understand that she cannot please everyone, especially those wired to be unkind, shady, and twist statements to fit their description.

One would have thought her exit at The Real would take a toll on her career, but her move unlocked better opportunities.

The same year she left The Real, Tamera signed an exclusive deal with Crown Media Family Networks.

Her full-package deal entailed original film production, acting, and TV show hosting.

Her most recent work with Hallmark Family is a movie called Dream Moms that premiered during this year’s Mother’s Day.

 Tamera, who has a singing background in Sister, Sister, did a remarkable job performing three songs in the Dream Moms movie, proving she is an all-around entertainment personnel.

Besides her work life, Tamera is a dotting wife to Adam and a loving mother to their two children, Ariah and Aden.

She spends quality time with her family at their extensive Napa Valley home, where they also run a successful vineyard.

The couple celebrated their 12th anniversary recently and are committed to keeping their family united.

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